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The Danger of Believing God Will Save You

There are a lot of people on the planet right now who carry an extremely strong and fervent belief that God is completely in control of what happens to them.

If they win the lottery, it’s because God is rewarding them.

If they suffer an illness, it’s because God is punishing them.

If they get a new job, it’s because God arranged it.

If they lose a child, it’s because God wanted that child back in Heaven.

But there is an incredible danger in believing that someone else is in control of your life. When bad things happen to you, you will say it’s God’s will and that you must have angered him so he is punishing you. When good things happen to you, you will believe God had a hand in making it happen, to reward you for something.

But what if some tragedy happens, like your child gets sick with cancer. You pray to God to let your child live. You make promises to God so he will grant your child life. “Please, Lord, if you just make Susie well again I will devote my life to you and donate all my money to the church.”

What happens then if your child dies? Maybe you hate God. Maybe you feel like you deserved some horrible punishment for a transgression you may not even be aware you made. Maybe you sink into an extreme depression believing God has forsaken you and you lose all connection to your spirituality. Maybe you even feel angry and betrayed “I gave you EVERYTHING and you still took my child! Screw you!”

But what if your child’s death wasn’t caused or willed by God? What if your baby died because her body was too damaged to support life? What if tragedy happens because of cause and effect and not God’s will?

There is danger, too, in believing that all the good things you’ve gotten in life were because God willed it. Maybe you thank the Lord for getting you that new job. Maybe you thank God you met the partner of your dreams. Maybe you thank God for healing you. On the surface it doesn’t seem like there’s any harm to thanking a deity for giving you good things in life.

But there is a danger. Maybe you got the job because you worked really hard. Maybe you met the partner of your dreams because you dated 30 people and figured out what you liked and didn’t like and finally found the right partner through trial and error. Maybe you got healed because you started taking care of yourself better or you chose to try a new medication.

If you give God all the credit, you are then at his mercy aren’t you? Always wondering when you might displease God and be struck down with ill fortune. Always trying to be perfect and saintly so he will reward your piety.

Believing that God can and will save you is giving up your power. You may not take action because you believe God will provide. “If God wants me to eat then food will show up at my door.” Or “If God wants me to get a job then someone will call me with one.”

It’s a powerless way to live.

It’s not wrong to hope and pray for good outcomes. But there is a danger in tying your sense of self-worth and what you deserve in life to a deity’s whim and judgment. You will never feel good enough or powerful enough to have what you desire.

In my experience, God is hands off. He sets your feet upon the earth and says “Go, play, have fun. I’ll see you when you get home. Be nice to others and help each other.” And that’s it.

What you then experience is due to cause and effect. If you choose to drop out of high school, you probably won’t become a doctor. If you choose to steal, you will likely end up in jail. If you choose to hurt someone, you will probably not feel good about yourself.

Likewise, if you work hard, you will likely see some good success. If you are kind to others, you will probably attract kindness back. If you are loving, you will be loved back.

Cause and effect.

So when the good things happen, it’s because you made them happen or you were a vibrational match for those experiences. And when bad things happen, it’s because you made those happen too.

Does God care about your well-being? Yes, he does.

But he’s not there to save you or hurt you. You are going to do that all by yourself.

There are no rewards and punishments. Just choices and consequences. Own your choices and you’ll own your life.

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