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The One Simple Reason You Don’t Have What You Say You Want

I was doing a reading for a client a while back. She wanted to know what she could do to lose weight. She had had a health scare recently and was trying to eat healthier but after a short period of eating well, she would go right back to her unhealthy eating habits.

She asked her guides what she most needed to know to help her on this path. Here is essentially how the conversation went.

Guides: If you were walking through an empty parking lot and you saw a $20 bill lying on the ground, what would you do?

Her: I’d pick it up.

Guides: Before you pick it up, would you call a friend and ask for advice on whether you should pick it up?

Her: No (she laughed)

Guides: Would you sit down with a notebook and make a plan to pick up that $20?

Her: (laughing again) Of course not.

Guides: Would you go online and read stories about other people who found money and had to decide whether or not to pick it up?

Her: No.

Guides: Would you plan out what approach you’d take to grab it? Like coming in from the west or the north?

Her: No, I would just reach down as fast as I could and take it.

Guides: Right, you see it, you want it, you pick it up. You don’t make a plan, you just do it. You are a complete vibrational match for acquiring that $20 bill.

Her: Yes absolutely. I would just take it.

Guides: Okay, now let’s say I tell you there’s a diamond in the next parking lot over. Would you want that?

Her: Yes, definitely.

Guides: Okay you head towards that diamond, but when you get close you see there’s a pile of garbage and waste on top of it. And the only way you’re going to get the diamond is if you eat the pile of refuse first. Do you still want the diamond?

Her: Yes, I want the diamond, but I don’t want to eat waste. It wouldn’t be worth it to me, even for a diamond.

Guides: Exactly. You know you want the diamond, but you also know you don’t want to do the work required to have it. You don’t want to eat the garbage even though there’s a diamond under it.

Her: Yeah. Exactly.

Guides: You don’t want to be on a diet. You just want a thinner, healthier body. You want the result, but you don’t want to do the work. And as long as doing the work is more painful than having a thin and healthy body, you will continue to be a vibrational match for the state of health you’re in now.

Her: Hmm, yeah I suppose you’re right. I don’t want to be on a diet. I hate being on a diet and I hate working out.

Guides: And that’s okay, as long as you’re not beating yourself up for it. If you go around feeling guilty, ashamed or bad that you don’t have the body you desire, you are going to be in a low vibration for a long time. If, however, you can simply accept the fact that you don’t want the healthy body badly enough to do the work, then your vibration will actually rise and you will be happier.

We spoke further about her situation and she realized she would have to either be okay with being at her current weight, or she would have to become a vibrational match for eating better and exercising. To go back to the analogy, she would have to approach the pile of refuse and the buried diamond with the same “I must have this!” mentality that she had when she wanted to pick up the $20.

I can tell you that in my own life, when I truly want something I just go get it. I don’t overthink it. I want it, I do what has to be done to get it. I don’t seek advice, I don’t make a big long term plan, I don’t waffle or go back and forth. I just do it.

At the same time, there are a lot of things I SAY I want. I tell friends, peers, family, the internet… but I don’t have those things, because there is something else that goes with having it that I don’t want.

You can sit there and try to convince yourself that the thing you want will come to you if you just circle it long enough, but the truth is when you actually decide you want something, nothing will stop you from getting it.

Look at the goals you have right now. How many are “someday” goals? How many are things you’ve been talking about doing or having for years?

Think back on the times you were a complete vibrational match for having something. Nothing stopped you. No one talked you out of it because you didn’t even discuss it with someone else. You decided, you took action, and you got what you wanted.

If you don’t have something you think you want, look at the price you have to pay to get it and admit you’re not willing to pay the price. There is no shame in deciding to leave it be. When you really want it, like really really want it, you will have it. Until then practice acceptance.

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