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Past Life Readings: An Update and the Final Day for the Discount

If you read the blog article last week, you’ll know I am now offering Past Life Readings, and there is an introductory price right now of just $80 for a past life reading.

Hundreds of people took advantage of this offer. To say I have been busy this last week is an understatement! I have never done so many readings per day in my life. If you want to get in on the $80 price, today is the last day. The price goes to $120 tonight, June 13, 2017, at 9pm Pacific time.

But I want to discuss what’s happening in these readings because it’s really fascinating and I’m so glad I decided to do them.

When I do a regular reading for a client who has questions about their life, career, relationships, etc., I tune in to their spirit guides who tell me what they need to know going forward. All well and good.

When I tune in to do a past life reading, I’m accessing something very different. It’s like the guides have a box of index cards and on each card is a life my client experienced. They pull one out of the box and sort of drop it or download it into my brain.

Instantly I am right there, in that past life. It’s like a taped show on a DVR. I can fast forward it, rewind it, pause it and examine it. I can replay a scene over and over. Since I can’t possibly describe every single thing that happened in that person’s life, what they’re doing is running me through the life and stopping me at major turning points or taking me through major periods in that person’s life.

So for example, there was a reading where a person had a pretty nice, normal hum drum life until they were about 30 years old and that’s when tragedy struck. A car accident injured them to the point where they could not walk. It’s at that point the scene slows down and they show me how the person recovered, how they handled the ensuing depression of losing the ability to walk, and how their friends and family rallied around them.

The guides also show me how the life ended up, what the person learned in that life, and why they want the client to know about that particular life.

I figured all the lives I’d be shown had some sort of tragedy in them, some big obstacle to overcome. But that is not always the case. I’ve received many past life stories where the person had an amazing life; a life where they influenced a lot of people, had a major impact on others (even history itself) and were good and kind to their families. The guides pick these lives to show people that life can be positive, that you don’t have to experience tragedy, and that joy can be had.

Some of the lives I’ve seen have been incredibly brutal though, and in the beginning I found myself tearing up a bit when I saw people maimed, burned, brutalized, murdered, and had to sort of “be there” to see and feel and know this information. The guides helped me take a step back so I could see it but not feel it, otherwise I’m not sure how I would get through all the readings.

I’m getting an inordinate number of lives that took place in the 1800’s and 1900’s. I thought that was sort of odd so I asked the guides about that and they said most people carry trauma from their most recent lives and that’s why they’re seeing stuff that happened in the last 300 years.

But I’m also seeing many lives from long ago including some lives in the BC era! This has been an incredible experience for me getting to see the day to day happenings and lives of people all over the world, when the world was young. I feel like I could surf my way around history in this fashion and even channel or write a book about life in various time periods. That is something I wasn’t expecting either.

People ask me how many lives they’ve had. Everyone is different. It could be a hundred lives, it could be 10. There would be no way to know unless we allowed the guides to show me all of them.

A lot of people have had strong resonance with the lives I’ve shared with them. For example, one gal had a life as a Native American whose tribe was unjustly moved to the west by the American government. In her life today she has carried an inordinate amount of feelings of injustice towards what was done to the Natives. Now she knows why; she was there and experienced it first hand.

I’ve had one “celebrity” sighting, though it was not direct. In one past life a guy had become a magician and had run into Houdini in his travels and gotten some pointers. No Cleopatra or Caesar though. No Henry Ford. No Attila the Hun. However I’ve read for people who were in the Roman army and at least one person who hung with Attila.

A lot of people have gotten their reading and signed up again for 1-3 more. You can do this type of reading multiple times because you’ve had many lives.

This has been a fascinating experience for me. I’m only able to comfortably do about 10 of these readings a day on top of the other regular readings I’m doing so I still have about 10 days of readings in the queue but I know at some point I will catch up.

I’m really glad I chose to offer this as a reading option.

If you want to get in on the discounted price, do it today. Just $80 per past life. You can buy multiple readings and bank them until you are ready to redeem. And several people have gifted a past life reading to a friend or relative.

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