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Is God Making Me Infertile?

I received a question from a reader the other day. She and her husband had been trying to have a baby for years and were struggling with infertility. She wanted to know if there was any point to continuing treatment if God didn’t want her to have a baby anyway. She asked me if God was blocking her from having a child.

To answer this question I’m going to use a peanut analogy. Peanuts grow in a shell. If you’ve ever seen a bushel of peanuts you’ll notice that some shells are perfectly intact and some shells are a little battered, but the peanut inside is usually quite healthy.

When we incarnate, our bodies are like the peanut shell and our soul is the peanut. Our bodies are created to carry us through this physical reality. Sometimes our bodies have some wear and tear on them. Sometimes we are born with a physical disability. Sometimes, due to toxins or accidents or illness, our bodies break down a little bit, preventing us from being able to use certain parts of the body.

The soul is always intact, but it’s true that sometimes our bodies (our shells) are a little battered.

As it happens, sometimes a woman or a man’s fertility is compromised and they are unable to create the shell for the little peanut soul to incarnate into. So even if there is a child spirit ready, willing and wanting to incarnate to you, they can’t get in because your body is unable to create the shell they need.

It happens. It sucks. Doctors can sometimes fix the shell and sometimes they can’t.

But it’s not God preventing you from having a baby. If there is damage to the mechanism that creates the shell, the baby spirit cannot enter.

It’s just cause and effect. It’s circumstance. It’s not design. It’s not punishment. It’s not karma. The body cannot make the shell.

There are other ways of becoming a parent, of course. You can adopt or try surrogacy. You can become a parent even if the shell has to be created by other means. Your baby’s soul can find another way to get to you.

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