Quick Answers to Quick Questions – Volume 6

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I sometimes do a quick Q&A because people send me questions all the time and I don’t have time to answer them all in an article.

So here we go with volume 6.

Are you afraid of anything?
Yes and no. My human self is afraid of cock roaches, bees, killer whales, confined spaces, and brownies with hidden walnuts in them (plech). My higher self is not afraid of anything. She knows this reality cannot harm me unless I forget who I really am.

Does my deceased loved one hear me when I speak to them?
Yes. They can hear you. When you speak to them out loud or in your mind they hear you. Just the act of thinking about them rings a sort of bell with them and they attenuate to you here on Earth.

I astral projected three times and now I can’t do it. What happened?
It’s not an easy skill to master. But you can stack the deck in your favor by creating the conditions to make it more likely and then capitalize on that when you have the opportunity. Read my Astral Projection Guidebook for details on how to prepare yourself and make astral projection more likely.

Can you tell if I have a demon attached to me?
Yes, I can see through photos if you have anything bad attached to you. Please book a reading if you are concerned and we can go over it. But if you had an actual demon attached to you, you probably wouldn’t be able to ask the question.

How many past lives have I had?
I really wouldn’t know unless we looked at them all and counted. You can book a Past Life Reading with me anytime. Many people have looked at 3-4 past lives. It’s fun to know who you were and what you experienced in history.

Do you believe time travel is possible?
I believe anything is possible. But unless a hot guy pops into my office in a time machine and says “I’m from the future, come with me if you want to live” then I can only fantasize about it.

Are there aliens?

Can you elaborate on that last answer?
Not at this time.

How are you able to connect with deceased people over the phone?
I can connect to the other side like it was sitting right on top of us. There is no distance when it comes to communicating with those in the ether. It’s easier for me to connect with spirit guides because they are trained on how to communicate with humans. Your deceased loved ones have to practice a bit to get that accomplished.

What are your hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?
I am part of a Paranormal Investigation Team. I am also a Vice Commander on a volunteer Search and Rescue team and that takes up quite a bit of my time. I am raising two teenagers by myself so that’s a handful. And I love to watch movies and tv shows related to super heroes. Favorite shows are Supernatural, The Flash, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and the Big Bang Theory. Total geek right here.

How do we know what our life purpose is?
You will notice it in your actions and the things that draw you. You can also talk to your higher self or spirit guides who know exactly what you intended to do when you incarnated. They can tell you. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking with them directly, you can book a session with me and I will tell you.

Do we feel regret when we die with our purpose unfulfilled?
For a moment you may realize that you had nothing to fear in going after your dream and you may feel some regret for not taking full advantage of your life, but mostly you will appreciate the experience you had and possibly be eager to return for another ride on the roller coaster.

I will never come back here to Earth. Who would do such a thing?
That’s what they all say. Once you slough off this life and return to bliss you will realize what a gift your life was, and that you maybe even had a hard time to challenge yourself. You cannot decide from this life how you will feel about wanting to incarnate again until you release this life and see how extraordinary incarnating really is.

Can we go back to your alien answer? Why can’t you tell us about the aliens?
The chip in my brain won’t let me.

No seriously, we want to know.
I know. I really want to talk about it but there are reasons I cannot.

That’s kind of a tease.
I know. I really hope to be able to discuss it fully before I croak.

Can you tell my mom I miss her?
She knows. She feels your pain. She is still with you. She sends love. They all send love and respect for continuing to live, to struggle, to fear, to doubt, to hope, to love when you’ve lost it. It’s a joyous and difficult ride here isn’t it? They know and they still care and watch over you.

Can you tell me what’s going to happen to me in the future?
I can tell you what’s going to happen if you stay on your current trajectory. And I can tell you how to get what you desire. But I can’t tell you which path you will choose as that is always your choice. I can hand you the map to your desire but you have to decide to walk the path.

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