Spiritual Insights from Dreams

Often I have very powerful, spiritual dreams sent to me by my spirit guides that give me insight and wisdom about my path or about universal truths. The dream I’m going to share with you below is one such dream, where I learned more about who I am and why I’m here. The dream really resonated with me and I thank my guides for sending it to me. This dream occurred in 2014.

I found myself standing among a tribe of people in what felt like Haiti.

A very slim, dark-skinned woman came up to me and told me she was there to heal me. She was preparing materials for the ritual and I was looking around at the people in the tribe. The children were performing amazing feats of strength, and acts of energetic power. The tribe was very cohesive and supportive, primitive but really powerful.

The healer came to stand in front of me and said, “You will experience a great purge. It will not be comfortable. But it must happen. I have to get all the bad energy out of your body.”

I expressed great concern: “Are you sure we have to do this? I don’t have time to be ill.”

She said, “You are already ill. The purge will cleanse you. It has to come out. Trust me, Erin. I have done this many times. I know what to do. You will feel better.”

Reluctantly I agreed.

So she told me to close my eyes and not open them no matter what, and to trust the process and not try to interfere with it. I was very nervous.

Chanting and drums started happening. She put herself behind me and started moving my limbs. It was almost like she was dancing me. There was shaking of limbs and movement of my body. I could feel my chi was being adjusted.

I knew the whole tribe was somehow involved in this healing ritual, but my eyes were closed so I couldn’t see everything that was happening. As she continued, however, I started to notice that I could begin to see through my closed eyelids.

The heaviness in my body was becoming lighter and lighter.

As this was happening, I was able to see more and more clearly through my closed eyes.

She got in front of me and started leading me… walking me… towards something. I was nervous but fascinated and went willingly.

We got to an area with a big tree, and I saw children playing in the tree. There was a small pool of water too. Both had a very positive charge.

She let go of me and my eyes were still closed. She said, “What path will you choose?”

I knew she wanted me to choose the pool or the tree. I felt the pool represented compassion and empathy, and I felt the tree represented strength and action. Both very valuable.

But I didn’t feel drawn to either one. There was something else.

Off to my left I sensed a group of people, just standing there in darkness. There was a negative charge coming from them. I began walking towards them. I just felt like I had to go to them.

I could sense everyone was surprised. “Why is she going to them?” I heard someone ask.

The people stood there and, as I got closer, I could feel this powerful energy building inside of me. I stepped into the middle of the group, I reached out my hands to touch them and when I did, light exploded out from my hands and went into their heads.

I heard the healer say somewhere behind me, “Now I understand why she is so ill.”

She announced to the group, “She did not come here to find her way back to the light. She is here to bring the light to those who can’t find their way.”

There were expressions of shock and murmurs of surprise.

Then she said, “She will need more strength to walk this path safely. She is carrying the energy of all the people she is helping to find the light.”

She called over a very large male healer. She stood in front of me, facing me, and he stood behind me. The moment he was behind me I felt so much better. So much strength came into my body. I felt like I could carry any burden.

We swayed and danced together like this, with her in front of me and him behind me and I felt so completely supported.

Then she said, “The path you’ve chosen to walk is noble, but dangerous. The burden you carry is heavy, and it will take its toll, but you will have more strength now. You must remember to take time to shed the energy of others that you carry. It will weaken you if you don’t.”

I opened my eyes and looked at the healer. She had a smile on her face that was so knowing, so full of respect, but her face also conveyed that she didn’t envy me my task.

“Go now,” she said. “Continue your mission.”

I opened my mouth to ask a question, but she poked her finger into my third eye and it was like a bolt of lightning struck me there. I felt myself falling backwards through infinity.

Then I woke up.

I spent some time in my bed just cogitating the dream, feeling the residual energy coursing through me, the lingering sensation of her finger on my forehead, and the healing and strength I had been given.

I’ve had many such dreams. They are like gifts of insight, and clues to who I am and why I’m here.

Your spirit guides will often send such dreams to you, to give you wisdom and insight. Are you receiving them?

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