Is it true the veil is thinner on Halloween Night?

Is Halloween a good night to contact dead people? Do the dead walk among us on Halloween? A lot of people think the veil between worlds is thinner on All Hallows Eve. But is it?

The answer is that the veil is equally thick or thin no matter what night it is. A date on a calendar does not determine how easy or difficult it is to reach the other side. That’s silly, really. Do the dead sit on the other side looking at some calendar saying “Wait for it… wait for it….” until the 31st of October comes around? And then they’re like, “Go, go now! We have 12 hours to vacation on Earth!”


The thickness of the barrier between us and the other side has a lot more to do with frequency and energy than a date on a calendar, or how dark it is outside, or how many people dress like ghouls and go trick-or-treating.

A person’s ability to reach through to the other side and communicate with energies there is dependent on their psychic and medium abilities. A deceased person’s ability to reach through to the other side is similarly dependent.

What about entities from the astral plane? Can they push through to our plane on Halloween?

No more so than any other night.

Does the darkness play a factor? It does appear that it is easier for lower vibrational entities to connect with our plane when it is dark. And it does get darker in the winter longer than the summer, but there’s plenty of darkness in the summer for entities to sidle on over to our side.

What about playing with a Ouija board on Halloween? Does that make paranormal things happen? If you don’t know how to properly utilize a Ouija board, I suggest you never pick one up, day or night, summer or winter.

The bottom line is nothing special is going to happen on Halloween that couldn’t also happen any other night. So get yourself some candy, dress up for fun, and don’t worry about sleeping with the light on.

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