What Goes With You To the Other Side?

We all know you can’t take money with you when you die. But let’s talk about what you can and can’t take with you. Some of these may surprise you.

You Can’t Take Your Body
Your body is like the shell of a peanut. The peanut is your soul and the shell is its house or container while you are incarnated. When you die, your spirit (soul) comes out of your body and moves to another frequency, while your body remains on Earth. You can bury the body, cremate it, put it in a wall, plant the ashes to make a tree, or even get put into a ball of crystal. But the body does not come with you to the other side.

So what are you running around in? They say people look like they are 30 years old on the other side. How can they do that without a body?

It’s just an energetic representation of a physical body and it’s only that if you want it to be that. It can also just be energy or a frequency or a tone. It’s not physical though. Your soul has no physical matter in it on the other side. You can reshape yourself or just be energy. It’s all good.

Plus if you had any physical ailments while alive, those are all gone too. Big bonus there for a lot of people!

You Can’t Take Possessions
The ancients used to bury people with food, clothing, money for the ferryman, and even servants (poor servants) who would serve them in the afterlife. That’s a waste of some good material goods (and lives). You don’t take clothing… what would you put it on? You don’t take food… you have no body to consume it. You don’t need coins or money to get anywhere you want to go. You leave everything physical behind.

You Will Take Your Memories
Unlike when you arrive on earth as an infant with no memory of where you came from, when you cross over you remember everything about your life here. You also re-remember (is that a word?) the other lives you had prior to this one. And you also get to remember who you truly are, your higher self, or who you were before the veil was drawn on this life.

Your memories are precious. They are souvenirs and keepsakes of your time spent in this life. Your good memories are something you will treasure. Your bad memories are there too, and you will see everything you ever did and how it affected people when you do your life review. But you will treasure the memories you bring with you back to the ether.

You Will Take Your Lessons
Earth is like a school. You really can’t help learning valuable lessons as you go through life. You will take those lessons with you. If you learned the value of compassion here, you will carry that value into the ether. If you learned gratitude here, you will carry that with you to the ether. You won’t lose any valuable lessons.

When you decide to reincarnate, your new “character” may not remember those lessons and may make mistakes and learn those lessons again, but your new self will learn new lessons you could not learn in another life.

So whatever you learn here, you’ll remember over there. And then you’ll forget when you come back. But it’s important to know that a lot of what you are in the ether, you will carry with you naturally when you come back. But your new life circumstances and your new family may fiddle with that a bit. You get it all back when you go back to the ether again.

You Will Take Your Energetic Connections
You met a lot of people on Earth while you were incarnated didn’t you? Some were amazing, loving, caring friends and family members, and some people you met you probably never want to see again. When you get to the other side, you retain all the loving connections you made while alive.

Even if those people are still on Earth, you will retain an energetic connection to them as long as you desire, and when they cross over too, you will greet them if you want to.

Likewise, when you cross over you’re going to be greeted by those you had an energetic connection with in this life AND in previous lives.

Incarnating is a great way to meet new souls and make memories, but you also “meet” people in the ether without ever incarnating so that’s good too. Basically, where there is love, there is an energetic connection.

You Will Not Take Hatred
When you cross over you will remember some major things you may have forgotten while in a flesh and blood body. You will remember that all souls are beautiful loving tendrils of Source consciousness and you will feel at one with all of them because we are all connected.

The ex-husband who abused you in life? He’s not the same on the other side.

The bully who gave you wedgies in high school? He’s not the same on the other side either.

The wife who cheated on you? She’s not the same on the other side.

And neither are you. While you do retain memories of the character you played, you are so much more than one life, one set of experiences, and one set of memories.

You will forgive everyone who ever caused you pain. I know that from this density it’s hard to believe that, so you may just need to trust me on this one and wait and see.

Similarly, you will not take sadness, anxiety, shame, fear or any other negative frequency emotion you may have carried on Earth. You will be vibrating at an intensely high frequency with the memory that you are perfectly loved, and you will love everyone.

Knowing what comes with you and what doesn’t, I personally feel the most valuable way for me to spend my time is creating strong, loving energetic connections with people, and also learning more ways to be useful to others.

But that’s just me. You may have different goals for your life.

It’s not bad or wrong to focus on material things while you are here on Earth… after all we don’t live in energetic shelters or eat energy to sustain us. The physical bodies we are in require third density material nourishment and shelter.

But while you’re collecting wealth and things, also pay attention to what you’re going to take with you to the other side. You’ll spend a lot more time there than you do here.

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