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How To Be Ridiculously Happy and Raise Other People’s Vibrations

In last week’s article, The Joyful Notary, I told you about Connie, a notary with an extremely high vibration. Connie is vibrating at such a high frequency that you only need to be around her for a minute or so before her energy will melt away your cares and stress and you will be laughing like you owned the world.

Readers asked me how they could “be a Connie.” How can you get your vibration to a place where you are happy all the time and also spreading that joy and happiness to others?

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Here is a list of what I believe will get you there.

Acceptance of the Circumstances in Your Life

People with a high vibration don’t rail against the circumstances in their lives. They accept that they are where they are in life. “Well, this isn’t exactly where I want to be, but I’m okay with where I am right now and I will get better in the future.” To be at a high vibration you must not live in denial of your life circumstances. Be where you are and then go to the next level.

Ability to Find Joy Anytime, Anywhere

Connie was sitting in an office explaining loan documents to me, and she was as happy as a kid getting a puppy at Christmas. In her present moment she was happy. Not just happy, she was downright ecstatic to be there. She acted like she was in the process of winning the lottery. She was so present. I could tell she wasn’t thinking about anything else going on in her life. She was there, she was happy, and she spread that joy to me instantly. Suddenly I didn’t want to be anywhere else but in that present moment with Connie. To be at a high vibration you need to be able to feel internal joy no matter what’s happening in the environment.

No Fear of Death

I’m not sure if Connie has no fear of death, but in my travels I have noticed that the people who don’t fear death are usually very happy, at peace, and able to relax and be in the present moment. If you can slough off your fear of the unknown and just live in the moment, enjoying what life is serving you, you will be living at a high vibration and that will rub off on others as well.

No Fear of Living

Likewise, most people walk around in a state of stress over their lives. How will I pay the mortgage? How can I get my kid off drugs? When will I finally get married? Is that stomach pain cancer? When you live in a state of fear you cannot be at a high vibration. This doesn’t mean you ignore your problems, but you want to learn to be happy no matter what. You can be happy even when life is serving you challenges.

Decide to Be Happy

You can choose to feel how you want to feel any time you want. Our circumstances don’t make us happy or sad, it’s our reaction to life events and the decision we make to feel good or bad that determines our emotional state. I bet when Connie steps out into the world each morning she thinks to herself, “Today is going to be a great day because I’ve decided it’s going to be awesome. Everyone I meet is a source of joy for me and I can’t wait to get started.” Or something to that effect. Happiness is a decision. Even when you have life stressors see what happens when you decide to be happy regardless.

Decide to Help Others

You can be the bright shiny beacon in the lives of others. What do you think happens to the energy in a room when you walk in all morose and sad? You bring down other people’s energy. What happens if you walk into the room and you’re happy and ebullient? You raise the energy in the entire room. You can be a catalyst for others. Your high vibration “infects” other people and makes them happier too. Connie made my day. I left there feeling like I could shoot rainbows out of my eyes. Everyone else I encountered that day was positively impacted by my vibration to varying degrees.

The bottom line on happiness is that it is a choice. It’s a choice to release your fears and stress, live in the present moment, and bring your best self to the table. Try being a Connie today. Put a big smile on your face and go be bright and shiny in a room full of people or on a lunch date or around your family. See what happens.

As you do this more and more often, you’re going to find that you are ridiculously happy a lot more often and that you are raising other people’s vibrations. The world will be better off, and you will be better off as well.

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