Hugs from Heaven

A lot of people ask me if their deceased loved ones are watching over them from the afterlife. Do they care about what we’re going through? Do they watch over us and protect us from harm? Are they still interested in our lives? Do they know when we are hurting?

When we die we lose our physical bodies, but we don’t lose our memories or our connection with loved ones. There are energetic cords that connect us, via love, when we are alive, and those connections carry forward when we cross over.

Distance and a change in plane cannot destroy love.

When your loved ones cross over, they have a period of transition, but when they are settled, they are free to reconnect and look in on their living loved ones any time they want.

Some people stay more connected than others, that’s true. You may have a deceased person hovering really close to you, or they may be engaged with what’s happening to them on the other side and only check in with you once in a while.

But from what I’ve seen in speaking to many deceased people, all you have to do to get their attention is think about them. Cast some love energy their way and it will ping them.

Additionally, they send us a tremendous amount of love. They know our struggles, our fears and worries, they know what scares us, and they know how tough corporeal life can be.

So when you are struggling or afraid, they are hugging you from Heaven. Not with their arms, because they don’t have those anymore, but with their energy and their love. Through the energetic cords that still connect us, they send love, comfort, and reassurance.

While they may not be able to take direct action to change your circumstances, they are always there to comfort and support you emotionally and spiritually.

If you want to feel it, sit in quiet meditation and think about your deceased loved one. Remember your loving connection and throw in some positive memories. That will help you make a connection.

Then let their energy wash over you. Feel the love coming from them. Feel the energetic hug. Hear their words of encouragement, and see an image of them near you, holding you, letting you know that you are not ever truly alone.

The connections you make while alive carry over after death. Your loved ones are just a thought away.

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