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In the End Only One Thing Matters

In the end it won’t matter if you were big or small.

It won’t matter if you were young or old, rich or poor, black, white, yellow, or green.

It won’t matter if you drove a sports car, a minivan or rode a bicycle.

It won’t matter if you drank too much or did drugs.

It won’t matter if you had anxiety, autism, or depression.

It won’t matter if you got straight A’s or failed out of school.

It won’t matter if you got an MBA, toured Australia, or touched Stonehenge.

It won’t matter if you read 3,000 books or attended a gazillion seminars.

It won’t matter if you had kids, stayed single, or married 5 times.

It won’t matter if you lived alone or with your extended family.

It won’t matter if you were top in your industry or got fired 12 times in 12 years.

It won’t matter if you sat in a building praying or studied a religious text.

It won’t matter if you exercised, smoked, or trained real hard.

The only thing that will matter is… were you kind?

This is why…

When you cross over you will re-experience everything you did to yourself and everyone else in your life. If you were cruel to others, you will feel how they felt. If you hurt other people, you will feel that same hurt. If you caused someone grief, you will feel that grief. You will also feel the pain, hurt, and grief that rippled out from them and impacted others.

But you will also feel the joy, love and gratitude of every kindness you bestowed on someone else. You will see how your kindness towards them rippled out to the others they encountered.

You will feel, see and know the impact you had. Good or bad. Positive or negative.

In the end, what you sow, you shall reap.

Sow kindness, sow love, sow compassion. Take those with you to the other side.

Every day, practice kindness. In the end, that’s what will matter.

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