What happens to your spirit guides after you die?

Someone wrote to me the other day with this question. I have to say, no one has ever asked me this question before. It was fun to get a new one. :)

As you know if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, spirit guides are assigned to us before we are born, to guide us towards what we desire. Your higher self does the “hiring” so to speak. Your guides are generally with you for life, with some moving in and out of your life as your goals and desires change.

Your guides have an important job… to keep you on track, to help guide you through the maze of your life, to help you find joy.

Guides are spirits – they exist without a body. They “live” in the ether which is where you came from.

Your connection with your spirit guides is incredibly strong, even when you don’t know who they are, and even when you can’t see, feel or hear them. They are always there.

So when you die, you will meet your guides on the other side. It will be like greeting old friends, and you will remember them instantly. Your bonds will be strong. And those bonds of friendship and love will remain when you cross over and are back on the same plane.

These spirit guides are free to guide other souls who wish to incarnate. Or they may choose to take a little break (though time on the other side is not the same as it is here). You can interact with your spirit guides on the other side or you can distance yourself. You will decide when the time comes.

You may even choose to become someone’s spirit guide yourself. Perhaps you will even be a guide for one of your previous guides who chooses to incarnate.

It will be a wonderful reunion!

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