Can psychics predict the economy and the stock market?

In 2008 the top question I got during readings was “When will the recession be over?” People who had lost half their net worth in the stock market crash wanted to know when they could expect to see a recovery.

Is it possible for a psychic to predict when a recession will be over? If you’ve been reading my articles for a while you’ll know that I believe the future is not set in stone. Due to free will, we can create any life we want; good or bad.

And due to collective free will, there is no way to make accurate and reliable predictions about things that affect an entire country or even the planet.

The better question to ask is, “How can I personally increase my income or net worth during this recession?” That’s a question a professional intuitive should easily be able to answer.

I had clients ask about specific stocks. I could get some information about the solubility of a specific company. I could see whether the company was heading in a positive direction or a negative direction, and I could see if the company’s leadership was solid or faltering, but there are so many factors at play that affect a company’s stock price that I could never say “This stock WILL go up or this stock WILL go down.”

I still have clients today who ask about the economy and stock market. I steer their questions towards the personal. “Dear guides, what does my client need to do to increase her income?” Then it doesn’t matter what is happening in the rest of the country, my clients can get a personal plan that will work for them, that is within their power to manifest.

The stock market reacts to the collective free will decisions of the masses, making it difficult to accurately predict what’s going to happen. If you book a reading with a professional intuitive because you want to earn more money, keep your questions to the personal, not the global. You will get better and more reliable results.

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