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Can a medium speak to a person in a coma?

One day I was doing a reading for a client whose father was in a coma. He wanted to know if he should take his father off life support or if his father was going to wake up.

When I tuned in to get the answer, I was expecting to connect with my client’s spirit guides or the spirit guides of the father in the coma. But that’s not what happened. I made direct contact with the father.

The connection I made was exactly the same kind of connection I make with people who are already deceased. In other words, the father was communicating with me directly, just like deceased people do.

At first I was alarmed by this as I thought it meant the father was dead or that he was already out of his body and the machines were keeping his body alive while he himself had already moved on.

But that wasn’t the case. The father told me he was still alive, that his astral cord was still attached to his body, and that he was deciding whether he wanted to live or die. He told me if he chose to die, nothing the doctors or machines did would save him. And he told me that if he wanted to live, he could hang on, but he had to hope that medicine could repair his vessel, otherwise his cord would be cut without his volition and he would be forced to cross over.

Over the years, I had several instances where I communicated directly with a person in a coma. It was not something I was expecting, but it began to make sense to me. These folks are in-between life and death. Their souls are still attached to their bodies, but not fully integrated.

It’s a lot like babies. When the baby is in the womb, its body is in the womb and there is an astral cord that connects the baby’s soul with its body, but it’s not until around the third trimester that the baby fully immerses itself in its body and no longer floats between worlds.

People in comas are in-between life and death. They can communicate with mediums.

Can they hear you talking to them? Yes and no. They are capable of hearing what you are saying to them, but they’re not doing it with their physical ears; they are doing it with their astral awareness, the same way a person astral projecting can hear what someone is saying in a room they are visiting.

Additionally, though, sometimes a person in a coma is not attuned to what is happening in the room, precisely because they are free to wander. They are going in and out of that room and exploring the other side and speaking with beings on the other side who are helping them decide what to do.

Recently, there was a news story that a reader, Gene, sent me a link to. A woman named Jovanna was shot during the Las Vegas October 1 shooting. She was in a coma and doctors didn’t think she would make it and began encouraging the family to take her off life support. But Jovanna came to her husband in a dream and told him she was going to be okay. He kept her on life support, she woke from her coma, and is healing. As a spirit in between life and death she was able to bridge the communication gap and come to him in a dream.

People in comas are much like astral travelers. They are still attached to their bodies through the astral cord, and can travel around the Earth plane and observe and hear what’s going on. If you have a loved one in a coma, definitely talk to them. Encourage them to return to their body if they are able.

There may come a point where they simply can’t get back into the body because it can no longer sustain life. But until that point, there is hope.

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