What To Do With a Dream That’s Going Nowhere

Do you have a dream you’ve been working on for a long time but haven’t gotten the results you want? Are you passionate about something, working on it every day, but still can’t get it off the ground?

I do readings for people all the time who know their passion, work on their passion, but have had no success making their dreams come true.

Are they out of vibrational alignment with their dream? Maybe. But maybe not.

Oftentimes, the person simply has not found the right way to manifest their dream. That’s when it’s helpful to consult the spirit guides to find out how to get past the block and make that dream come true.

I’ll give you an example, shared with permission, from a client struggling to make her dream come true.

Sharon has always had a passion for horses. She loves training horses, working with horses, and introducing people to the wonder that are horses. Her dream was to buy her own ranch, house many horses, and invite young kids to the ranch to learn about horses and get to know them better.

But Sharon did not have the money to make such a purchase. She was working as a nurse, many long hours, and only occasionally could she even spend time with her own horse.

She was stuck. She’d been trying for 7 years to make her dream come true, but she had made no headway in her plan.

When I connected with her guides, they showed me a path that would make Sharon just as happy but with little to no start-up costs.

They wanted her to connect with two other horse owners and begin traveling to schools in the area to show the kids how to care for horses, to teach them about horses, and to do small demonstrations of their abilities.

At first Sharon resisted the idea. “But I want to own a ranch and have tons of horses. That’s always been my dream.”

Her guides replied, “No, that’s not true. What you really want is to share your love of horses with others and spark their interest in horses.”

She thought about that for a minute or two and said, “You know something, you’re right. That IS what I really want. I want people to come to know and love horses the way I do. I’ll give this idea a try.”

Fast forward 3 months and Sharon had found two other horse enthusiasts who absolutely loved the idea. They began scheduling events at various schools and traveling with their horses. The three women loved the results they were getting and continued to do this for about a year when Sharon came back for another reading.

She wanted to know what else she could be doing to promote her dream further. Her guides talked to her about filming videos and posting them on YouTube and creating a sort of vlog about her travels, her knowledge, and showing off her horses. She fell in love with the idea and is working on it now.

When you have passion for something, you absolutely should pursue it. But if you find you are not making progress on manifesting your dream, consider taking a step back and asking yourself if the method you are using to manifest the dream is realistic or if perhaps there is another way to achieve the same dream but in a different way.

Identify the blocks. Is it money? Is it talent? Is it the market?

Once you identify the blocks, see if you can come up with a way around the blocks.

Once Sharon dropped the idea that she had to have hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in order to manifest her dream, she was able to get right to fulfilling her dream. Her guides helped her tap into a way to fulfill her dream without having to wait at all.

You don’t have to give up on your dream, but if you’ve been working at it unsuccessfully for a long time, consult your guides or think of ways you can rework the plan to make it easier and faster to fulfill.

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