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5 Tips To Get Epic Dream Content Every Night

A reader wrote to me the other day and said, “My dreams are so disjointed and random. I want to have lucid dreams and control the content of my dreams like you do. How can I get more exciting, fulfilling dreams?”

When I was a young girl I did a science fair project on dreams and read about something called lucid dreaming, which is when you are aware that you’re having a dream while you’re having it. I spent years working to master the ability and today I can dream about exactly what I want to dream about.

It’s an incredible ability that makes my night time exciting, fun, intense, and interesting. I have people in my life who are eager to hear my dreams because they are like mini action adventure movies.

People ask me how they can learn to program their dreams or have lucid dreams. Here are the 5 tips I give out the most often.

Clear your Subconscious Mind
At night your subconscious mind gets a chance to “take over” your thoughts and process things that are being buried. So you end up dreaming about what appear to be random things but are actually your subconscious mind trying to process fears, hopes, and desires.

If you can work on your fears, hopes, and desires consciously, you won’t need dream time to work on them. So do what you can during the day to work on your problems, and to take action in the direction of your hopes and dreams.

It may take some time before you can clear everything, but the more you do while you are conscious the less you’ll have to do when you’re unconscious.

Fantasize Before Bed
When most people go to sleep, they are thinking about their day, their problems, and their to do list for tomorrow, and those sorts of thoughts will permeate the dream world.

Instead, go to bed thinking about what you want to dream about. Do you want to dream you’re skiing in the Alps? Think about what that might be like. Do you want to dream you’re flying around the world? Think about it before you fall asleep. Do you want to dream you’re having a conversation with God or the universe? Think about it before bed.

This will significantly increase your chances of getting the dream content you desire. Your last conscious thoughts will often make an appearance in your dream content.

Learn to Recall Your Dreams
If you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning with 6-7 hours of “missing time” then you’re missing out on all the fun. You’re having dreams every night, but if you’re not remembering them, then you’re just missing out on hours of your life every single day.

The more you can remember your dreams, the greater your chances of becoming a dream master, able to create and control your dreams like a pro.

The way to recall your dreams better is to go to bed each night saying to yourself, “I will remember my dreams tonight.” It seems simple but it’s effective. It will program your mind to help you remember instead of having the dreams fade away instantly.

You can also start a dream journal. Keep a notebook by your bed and write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. This too will program your conscious mind to remember what you were just dreaming.

Once you can interact more consciously with your dreams by remembering them, you will be well on your way to being able to dream what you desire.

Get a Dream Buddy
Find someone who is interested in improving their dream recall and who wants to become a better dreamer. Each day discuss your dreams. Knowing you are going to discuss your dreams will help you remember them more easily and more often.

Sharing your dreams out loud, verbally, helps you remember them because it puts the memory into a different part of your brain.

I have a technique I use when I want to remember my dreams more vividly. First I have the dream, then I program myself to have a dream where I am telling someone about the dream I just had. Then when I wake up, I tell someone about the dream or write it down, so it is locked into my memory.

Find someone you can share your dreams with and your recall and control will increase.

Practice Every Night
What else have you got to do at night when you’re sleeping? This is hours of your life here. Make them count!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to go to sleep each night, knowing I’m going to get to experience epic action adventure dreams or get to be a superhero with super powers saving the planet. It’s like getting 6-7 hours in a holodeck! Your only limits are your imagination.

If you practice dream control every night, you WILL make progress over time. Take 5-10 minutes before you fall asleep and let your imagination go wild. Soon you’ll be excited to go to sleep every night.

What will you dream about? What would be fun and exciting for you? Tap into that tonight!

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