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Can You Wreck Your Path?

A reader emailed me this question, “My soul mate cheated on me. He apologized right away but I don’t think he’s actually sorry. I’m not sure what to do. If I leave my soul mate won’t I be wrecking both of our paths? Am I supposed to stay with him and just forgive him and hope he doesn’t do it again?”

There are two things that disturb me in this question. The first is the idea that you have a soul mate and the second that there is a pre-determined path that can be “wrecked” by actions you take.

First, let’s talk about the soul mate. There are no soul mates. You are not predestined to be with any one specific person in this life. You attract who you attract based on the vibration you’re exuding at the time you attract. In other words, you get what you desire at the time you desire it. And if that desire changes after you’ve attracted someone, you fall out of vibrational harmony with them and move on to the next person who is a vibrational match for you.

If you are with someone and they are behaving in ways you find intolerable, move on. The only consequence of leaving someone behind and finding someone you’re a better match for is that you’ll be happier. Not a bad consequence, am I right?

You are not meant to tolerate. You are here to enjoy. So if you’re not enjoying a relationship, find a way to fix it or move on.

But there are no soul mates. There are souls you will recognize. There are souls you’ve had previous lives with. There are souls you will fall instantly in love with. But that doesn’t mean you are forced to be with them for life. It’s okay to be friends, acquaintances, short term lovers, or partners for a time.

Now let’s talk about this path you’re on. You are allowed to take any path you desire at any time. You are the one creating the experience. You are the one that decides which direction you will go. You are not being forced on a path. You are not being cajoled or coerced to take a certain route through life.

Yes, we come here with intentions, just like when you go on vacation you may do a little research and decide you’d like to try cliff diving, or parasailing, or there’s a certain hike you want to take. Once you get here, you decide if you still want to do any of those things. Maybe you’ll decide to just sit out on the beach of life with a book in one hand and a Mai Tai in the other. It’s your choice.

Really the only way to wreck your path is to tolerate something you hate because you think you’re supposed to, and miss out on the joy that is your birth right.

Take stock of your situation right now. Identify everything in your life you are attracting but no longer desire. Find a way to change it to your liking, or find a way to remove it. It will make space for something better, something you will love.

Life is short. Walk your path the way you WANT to walk it.

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