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Can we contact the soul of a person who is living, not deceased?

Can I reach and communicate love to the soul of a person who is living? Not someone deceased. – Marni

This is such a great question because there are nuances present that most people would not even think about.

When we are incarnated, we assume our only way of communicating with someone is to reach out to them directly via phone, text, email, or in person.

But sometimes physical distance, a rift in the relationship, or even mental impairment restrict us from direct communication.

In those cases, you can still speak to and communicate with the person if you connect to their higher self.

The higher self is the oversoul; the person we are when we are not inhabiting our bodies. The higher self is not impaired in any way and is present “behind the scenes” of all our incarnations. I like to think of the higher self as the gamer, and our selves as the character(s) the gamer has created.

So if you want to speak to someone and send them love, encouragement, hope, or something equally lovely, and you cannot reach them directly, then you can communicate this energy to their higher self.

To do this, sit or lay down in a nice quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Relax your body starting from the toes and working your way to the head. I like to listen to relaxation music while I’m doing this.

Once you are fully relaxed physically, then imagine you are walking up a staircase in space. Count the stairs as you go up (which keeps your mind occupied so you’re not thinking about your to do list or your problems.)

When you reach the top of the stairs there will be a door just hanging out in space. When you go through the door you’ll be transported to a new place/scene, for example a garden, a beach, or a temple.

Find a comfortable place to be, and invite the person’s higher self to come sit with you. You will notice that the higher self either looks just like the person you’re trying to reach or he or she can present differently. That’s okay.

Then have a nice chat with the person’s higher self. Talk about whatever you want to talk about. For example if there is a rift between you, you can talk to the person’s higher self about what you need to do to get yourselves past it. If your person is mentally impaired, you can speak to the higher self about how best to care for and communicate with the person.

You can also send them love. Take the hands of the higher self, gaze into their eyes and send unconditional love to them.

Any communication you have with the person’s higher self will trickle into that person’s energy. They will feel it, even if they don’t know where it’s coming from. Doing this could also cause the person to start thinking about you.

I know someone out there is thinking, “Can we send negative energy to the person through the higher self?” You can try but the higher self will block the energy so as not to negatively affect their incarnated self, so don’t waste the energy.

You can send love to someone directly, without going through their higher self, or you can reach their higher self which will create a more direct conduit. Both work, but the higher self connection causes it to go a little deeper than just casting love at someone from afar.

If you are wanting to send energy to someone, try talking to their higher self and see what happens. It’s an excellent way to communicate with someone you can’t physically reach.

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