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What do we look like on the other side?

What form do we take on the other side? Do we appear as our latest birth as humans or do we look like one of our past lives? – Mahak

When we die and cross over to the other side, we leave our physical body here and our soul or spirit progresses onward, back to the ether.

Your soul has no physical form and it cannot be seen with the naked eye. It becomes energy on a frequency I can’t begin to explain using words.

You move from this plane to another plane entirely. It’s a shift in frequency and energy.

When you get to the other side, you can see but you’re not seeing with your eyes as those were left behind with your body, so think of it rather as an ethereal sense not rooted in physicality. Similarly you can hear without ears and touch without skin. You are immersed in an energetic frequency that has no physical form but is still very real and very present.

You will not look like your human self from this life or your past lives.

However, when a medium on planet Earth tunes in to a deceased person on the other side, that person will present in a shape and form that the living loved one would recognize. This is to facilitate communication and validation.

In other words, when I tune in during readings and look for a deceased person, they will purposely show me how they appeared when they were human so that my client knows I’m talking about the right person. But that is not how they actually look. They don’t have that form any longer. But they can broadcast that form to my mind.

Sometimes when I tune in, I only hear them speak to me and don’t see them in my mind’s eye at all. It is up to the spirit to decide how they will present to the living. In other cases I can feel inside my own body the physical sensations a deceased person felt when they were dying, thus I can convey how a person died if I can properly interpret the sensations I’m getting in my own body.

When you are on the other side you are not physical. That doesn’t mean you aren’t clearly defined. You merge with your higher self and retain all the memories and experiences you’ve had in every incarnation, and you can interact with other individual energies on the other side as well.

It will make more sense once you experience it yourself. Until then know that your soul crosses over as energy and that it will feel totally normal once you are back in spirit form.

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