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You Can’t Eat the Fruit If You Don’t Plant the Seeds

I was doing a reading for a client and her primary issue was that she just didn’t feel happy. She said her life had become a routine of work, caring for family, and she was lucky to get a little time for herself on a weekend.

Nothing good was happening, though nothing particularly terrible was happening either. But she went to bed each night feeling unfulfilled and without joy.

When we asked her guides what she needed to know to help her on her path, her guides showed me a metaphor of her sitting on the porch of a farmhouse looking out on a field that was barren. And they said, “Plant seeds.”

As I communed with her guides further, they conveyed to my client that she was not planting any seeds and therefore she could not expect any fruit coming in her future.

Planting seeds means tapping into something you want to do that perhaps you’ve put off doing because you don’t have the time, energy or skill, but that would make you happy if it actually came to fruition.

Examples include writing a book and getting it published, going on the African safari you’ve always dreamed of, being an extra in a Marvel movie, climbing Mt. Everest, going to college, planting a garden in your backyard.

Pick a dream and start planting the seeds. Take small steps or large steps but get movement on one of your dreams. Don’t wait for the right time. Don’t wait for the right conditions. Carve out the time to begin planting the seeds otherwise you’ll be staring at a barren field until death comes looking for you.

In the case of this particular client, her guides brought up the fact that she loved painting and reminded her of the joy she got when she painted.

She said, “Wow I haven’t painted anything since my children were born. I had to turn my studio into a nursery. You know what, I would love to paint again. I’m going to do it.”

Fast forward 4 months and not only had she done three paintings, she put them in a local art show and enjoyed getting dressed up and taking her family to the exhibit to show off her work. She loved hearing feedback from people in the community and it inspired her to continue painting.

She sent me this email: “I found my fruit, Erin. Painting made me feel alive again. And the exhibit was so much fun. I want to do this again and again! Thank you, and my guides, for reconnecting me with my art. I’m teaching my husband and children how to ‘plant seeds’ too!”

Plant some seeds today so you have something to look forward to. It will bring joy to your soul and make your life more fulfilling.

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