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Can a deceased loved one visit more than one family member at a time?

Do our beloved deceased travel from one country to another to be with us if one family is in a different place? Or can they be with me but also at the same time be with my kids who live in another country? Do they get tired of travelling? – Jean

I like this question a lot because it gives me an opportunity to explain a concept that I think I take for granted, but which I realize may not be so clear to others.

When we say that our loved ones are “with us” we mean they are with us in spirit, as energy. They do not travel to Earth the way we might travel on an airplane to another country. When they are with us, they are focusing their conscious thoughts on us, right from the ether.

So in other words, they are able to intersect their energy with ours right from the plane they are now on. There is definitely no physical travel involved.

In that manner, they can choose to put their focus solely on one member of a family, but they can also spread their focus to all their family at the same time.

Think of it like a radio and broadcast. A song plays on the radio and anyone who tunes in to that station can hear it. Your deceased loved one is broadcasting thoughts and love and energy, and anyone who is sensitive enough to receive it will receive it.

So they can send connecting energy to anyone on the planet at the same time.

Now that doesn’t mean that’s what they are always doing. There are definitely situations where a deceased loved one is focused solely on one family member, often during times of crisis, or when the living person is sending a very focused thought to the deceased person.

Every time you think about your deceased loved ones you are sending a concentrated beam of energy into the ether that taps them on the ethereal shoulder. They can choose to then focus on you or they may not be interested. It’s up to them.

Similarly, they may be trying to send you a very important and urgent message, but if you are not listening, you will miss the communication.

So to sum up, deceased loved ones don’t have to travel to physical locations in order to make contact with living family members. They can be with everyone at the same time, or they can focus their thoughts and energy on one person at a time.

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