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Do Spirit Guides Ever Make Mistakes?

“Do spirit guides ever make mistakes? People make mistakes. Are guides any different? Do guides ever think, ‘Whoops, I should have sent him down a different career path?'” – Tu

For those new to the concept of spirit guides, they are non-corporeal beings assigned to you before birth to help guide you during your life’s journey. They are “hired” by your higher self to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself before you incarnated.

Spirit guides may be souls who have had human lives themselves, or they could be souls that have never incarnated.

They are chosen for their wisdom and ability to guide you on your chosen path.

As you tool along through life, your spirit guides are like coaches, guiding you from the sidelines while you play the game of life. They can see where you are in life, see where your goal is, and they will send you signs, signals, and synchronicities to help turn you in the direction your higher self wants you to go.

You have multiple guides. This is important to understand because sometimes guides don’t agree on which path you should take. I have seen this during readings with my clients. Sometimes, and it’s really not that often, your collection of spirit guides have differing opinions on how to guide you.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you are living in New York and you’re an actress. You have been offered a part in a musical on Broadway. At the same time, you have been accepted by an agent in Hollywood who needs you to move to Los Angeles so he can start sending you out on auditions. You are not sure which path to take; the 2 year contract to do this musical on Broadway, or move to California and hope you get a part in a movie.

Your guides get together in what looks to me visually like they are sitting around a conference table discussing you. One guide says “If she takes the part in the musical she will fulfill her dream of acting on Broadway. She can always go to L.A. when her run is done.” Another guide says, “If she goes to Los Angeles we can help her meet the right people. Her potential in Hollywood is greater than her potential in New York. We’re delaying her ultimate goal if we nudge her to stay in New York.”

A discussion ensues.

Meanwhile, you are confused. You’re not sure what path to pick. The reason it’s difficult to decide is because both paths have merit. Both paths fulfill a goal.

Eventually your guides will come to some consensus, and they will begin sending signals to you to indicate which path they recommend. No matter what nudge you get, you are still free to take whichever path you want. Maybe there is a secondary factor at play. Perhaps you have a boyfriend in New York that you truly love and you know he cannot move with you to Los Angeles. Perhaps your family lives in Los Angeles and you desire to be closer to them. You will feel much indecision.

So let’s say you decide to move to Los Angeles to fulfill your dream of being an A-List celebrity and do movies. Things are slow going and you’ve only been on 5 auditions, but you haven’t gotten any parts. You start to feel like you were given bad information from your guides. Did your guides make a mistake in guiding you?


Your guides will nudge you towards the path that leads to your desires but, because of free will, they cannot guarantee you will arrive. They can get you in the vicinity, but ultimately it’s up to you to make decisions that will get you where you want to go.

So to answer the original question, I would say that spirit guides do not make mistakes and send you down the wrong path. They are very clear on which way you should turn in the maze of life in order to get to your goals. But they cannot control your actions along the way, and you may become derailed or sidetracked by factors beyond their control.

Think of your spirit guides as rangers who hand you a map of the terrain. They can point to the map and say “If you want to climb a really beautiful mountain, take this route,” but they cannot control your actions once you get started. You may decide to sit by the lake instead of climbing to the top of the mountain. That’s fine if that’s what you want to do, but that doesn’t mean your guides steered you wrong.

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