Do Deceased Loved Ones Haunt Us After Death?

“My husband died about 3 months ago and since his death I’m noticing a run of bad luck in my life that I think might be him. Could he be haunting me? Is he unhappy with me and how I’m conducting my life since his death? What can I do to appease him?” – Cheryl

When people die, they leave their bodies and their spirit crosses over to the other side where they are greeted by loved ones and angelic energies who help them transition back to a life as an energetic being.

When they get their wits about them, they will often tune back in to their living loved ones they left behind.

Some will hover closely to their living loved ones to try to comfort them and help them cope with the death.

Some will try to send signs that they are okay on the other side. For example they might visit you in your dreams, or you may have a clock that stops at a certain time, or you have a picture of them that drops to the ground. You may hear their “song” several times in a row on different media. They will do what they can to let you know they are still around and trying to connect.

But our deceased loved ones will not do harmful things to us. They won’t cause car accidents, injuries, illness or problems. They love us and wouldn’t want us to hurt.

If you are experiencing a run of bad luck after someone you loved has died, do not equate those experiences to a haunting.

A true haunting is not personal, it’s situational. When a deceased person haunts, they are usually stuck at the scene of their death, such as if they were murdered or if they have unfinished business. They are haunting a location, not a person. They are having a problem moving on.

Our loved ones try to help us, not haunt us, so they will visit. They will try to get you to see, hear and feel them around you, but never in a way that would cause you physical or emotional harm.

To sum up, a haunting occurs when a person cannot or will not cross over due to some circumstance surrounding their demise.

A visit occurs by deceased loved ones who have crossed over peacefully and well and are just trying to tell you they are ok.

If you are having severe disturbances in your life of a paranormal nature, you may have attracted an entity or poltergeist, so you may need to consult with a paranormal investigation team for assistance.

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