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Do Spirit Guides Choose Us or Are They Assigned to Us?

“Do Spirit Guides have multiple humans that they are guides for at the same time? Do they choose whom they will guide?” – Pamela

Spirit guides are non-corporeal, highly conscious beings who agree to help guide us once we are incarnated. They hold the master to do list, so to speak, and help us find our way when we’ve forgotten the reasons we chose to incarnate.

But how do we get these guides? Are they chosen for us by a supreme being? Are they assigned to us randomly? Or do they choose us specifically for some reason?

The way I understand it is this…

Guides are chosen by our higher self. They are chosen based on the higher self’s assessment of the capability of the spirit to help guide us to carry out our intention in incarnating.

In simpler terms, they are chosen because our higher self thinks they will do a good job. Once chosen, the spirit needs to agree to become a spirit guide. No one is forced or assigned against their will.

Generally speaking, we have one dominant spirit guide. I like to think of this guide as our manager, the one that stays with us throughout our entire life, for good or ill, no matter what. They do not leave or abandon us.

Then there are other spirits who also agree to guide us. Perhaps you get a spirit who agrees to help guide your way to a loving relationship, or a spirit who helps you accomplish a specific goal, or a spirit who helps you when you become a parent. These guides may stay with you for life or come in and out of your life as you need them.

Do spirit guides help more than one person? Some do and some don’t. Some spirit guides are focused solely on you, and some guides have the capacity to guide several people at the same time.

Guides are really incredible when you think about it. The commitment and the focus they must make are extraordinary. They love us tremendously and try to help us reach our bliss.

When I do readings for clients, I am connecting with their spirit guides to find out how the client can get what they desire in life. Your guides are eager to help you. They want to co-create this great life with you, so listen to them whenever you can. And if you cannot hear them yourself, you can consult with me and I will relay their messages for you.

The bottom line on spirit guides is that they were assigned to you before you were born, and they are there to assist you with the big things, the little things, and anything in between.

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