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Why Does God Allow People to Die Suddenly?

“If there is a God, why does he/she allow people to pass suddenly and leave families grief-stricken?” – Jessica

There is an assumption in this question that God is controlling everyone’s paths; that God is deciding who lives, who dies, who gets a new job, who gets a baby, and who wins the lottery.

God does not control our movements on this planet.

I like to think of our incarnation on Earth as being sent to play in the playground. God, or Source, creates our souls, and we decide to take human form and play on Earth for a while.

Once we get dropped off at the playground of life, our experience is entirely up to us. We can dig in the sand, go on the slide, or play on the swings. We can interact with many people or be largely alone, but we have free will and we do what we want with our time here.

God does not interfere.

Every action you take has a reaction. Every choice you make bears a consequence.

So if you harm your body to the point where it can no longer support life, the body will die and your soul will go back to the ether. God has nothing to do with that choice.

If a person’s body gets sick or becomes injured such as by a heart attack or a car accident, the body will shut down and the soul will go back to the ether. It is never by Divine will that a person dies. Death occurs when the physical body housing the soul becomes too incapacitated to support life.

That we are grief-stricken when someone dies is unintentional. There is no energy on the other side planning and plotting to tear people away from their loved ones and cause such pain. It is our devotion and love for others that causes grief when they die. That too is a free will choice.

God does not punish or reward. God does not cause or block things from happening. Everything you experience once you are here is the result of choices and natural consequences.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones as best you can so you can enjoy the longest life possible with those you love.

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