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Do all souls incarnate?

“I know that I chose to incarnate here on Earth, but is it possible that some souls are created but choose never to incarnate? What do those souls do if they don’t incarnate? Do they just hang out in the ether?” – Andy

I have encountered many spiritual beings on the other side during readings and channeling that have never taken human form, so yes, it is possible for a soul to be created but not incarnate into a human body.

Here’s how that all works. New souls are created by Source. Those souls are then free to exist in the ether or they can choose to incarnate as humans on earth (or perhaps other beings on other planets).

A soul always gets to choose whether it will incarnate or not. We are not sent here against our will. Ever.

So a soul can bandy about in the ether, interacting with other souls, learning, growing, experiencing life in that realm, or it can take human form one time or many times.

What do souls do in the ether if they never incarnate?

Some become spirit guides. A spirit guide is a liaison between your higher self and your incarnated self. Spirit guides are chosen by the higher self to guide us during our lives and help us get what we desire and fulfill our goal or reason for incarnating.

Spirit guides can be souls that HAVE incarnated before, and are thus uniquely sympathetic to our physical, Earthly problems. Or spirit guides can be a soul that has never taken human form but is dedicated to helping you anyway. Isn’t that sweet? 🙂

I have also interacted with souls on the other side who acted as information liaisons, sort of like a spiritual Google. I can query them and they will give me information of a universal nature; information not related specifically to me or my life path, but general use information that’s for the whole planet.

If you’re reading this, you have obviously chosen to incarnate. Congratulations for having the courage and desire to have this experience. When you get back to the ether, you will have tales and stories to share, and your experiences will be of value to other spirits, especially the ones who have chosen not to come here.

And then you will get to decide what to do next. Stay there, or become a spirit guide for someone, or come back to Earth to ride this roller coaster again. It will be your choice.

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