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Do we have free will on the other side?

“I have often wondered, do we still have free will in the ether? Do choices still have consequences in the after-life? Or is it somehow different? Since I imagine time and space have different meaning there, maybe we just can’t know?” – Jason

What a great question; I don’t think I’ve ever been asked this before.

I’m not sure I have a definitive answer, but I’ll share what I know and what I believe.

I know that before we are born we have a choice about whether or not we will incarnate to Earth, so there must be some type of free will there at least in terms of whether or not to take human form. That is not thrust upon us, it is always a choice.

I know that when I speak to deceased souls during mediumship readings that they have told me they are able to choose how to spend their “time” in the ether, either by becoming a spirit guide, going to ethereal discussions with others much like you would attend a lecture here on Earth, and reaching back through the veil to talk to loved ones directly or through dreams.

That suggests a lot of free will.

I also remember watching a movie, it might have been The Secret, and they said that in the ether what you think about manifests instantly. If that’s true that also suggests a fair amount of free will.

There’s a lot we can’t know from the density in which we are currently living. A lot of what we knew as ethereal beings is forgotten while we are incarnated, so we may have to wait until we transition back to the ether to remember what we used to know.

For now I’m leaning towards the idea that our existence on the other side is largely free will based. There may be some aspects that are not, but I have a feeling that cause and effect play a large role on the other side like they do here. Thank you for the thought-provoking question!

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