Do your wants and desires remain from lifetime to lifetime?

If you really wanted to achieve something in this life, but you couldn’t, can you make up your mind in advance to get it in the next life? I wanted to be a dancer but I started too late.  I would love the chance to achieve it! Do your wants and loves remain from lifetime to lifetime? – Kym

Great question.  I’m sure there are many people out there who didn’t get a chance to do something in this life and are hoping they get the chance to experience it in another life.  

The answer to the question is that it depends on whether the thing you desire is something your higher self desires or something your current self desires.

For example, if your higher self desires to help people find their personal power, and you don’t get a chance to do that in this lifetime, you will very likely incarnate again with an intention to help people find their personal power.

The reason is because it’s a goal of your higher self, and you will want to achieve the goal even if it takes a few lifetimes.

If, however, your current self wants to become a dancer because something in this life influenced you to love dancing, then you may not have the same desire when you come back in another life, because that new person may not be influenced in the same way.  

So I would say if the desire is there on a soul level, you will feel yearnings to achieve it in any and every life.  If the desire was triggered by something specific to this life, after you incarnated, then it may or may not be something you will desire in the next life.

I like to think that in any lifetime my soul craves connection with the other side and wants to explore spirituality, but in looking back on some of my past lives I can see that sometimes I did and sometimes I didn’t.

Your higher self carries many intentions, and not all of them can be realized in every life, so you probably cycle through them a bit and focus on various goals here and there.

I hope you get the opportunity to dance in your next life, to honor the desire you feel in this life, but it’s all going to depend on the body you get, the circumstances in which you incarnate, and whether your soul truly desires the experience.

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