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Who Protects Us From Low Vibration Astral Entities?

“If low vibration astral entities exist, why don’t they attack people constantly? Is there a being or a group of beings out there protecting us from being attacked by demons? If so, why do some people get attacked anyway? What happened to their protectors?” – Fasal

There are other beings in the universe besides us – a whole plethora really. The astral plane is home to many beings of various vibrations, some high, some low. Some beings are highly conscious, like us, and some beings have low levels of consciousness and just respond to basic instincts like the way moths are attracted to flame.

Here is what you need to know about the other beings tooling around on the astral plane.

Who made these beings?
The same Source that created our souls created theirs.

Why would Source make a being that can hurt us?
Wild animals can hurt us, but we co-exist with them on Earth. So it is with astral beings. They are living their lives and doing what they need to do to survive, just like all of us.

The deer is probably wondering why Source made humans since humans hunt it to death. It’s all about perspective.

Why aren’t astral entities constantly attacking us then?
Even a lion sleeps most of the day. It only hunts when it needs to eat. Astral entities can exist without harming humans, but some do prey on fear and on our energy and will “attack” us in order to siphon our energy.

Are there any protectors out there helping us or are we sitting ducks?
Yes, angels and arch angels protect humans from very negative beings who seek to possess us. They prevent astral entities from crossing the barrier onto our plane.

Then how come some people get possessed by demons?
I’ll use an analogy. Let’s say you are driving through a wild animal park. It’s full of lions, tigers, venomous snakes, and poisonous insects. You are protected as long as you stay in the vehicle. But some people step out of the vehicle and go interact with these creatures because they think it’s fun or they simply want to get a closer look. Whose fault is it if the animal attacks you in its own domain?

When we astral project are we asking to be attacked?
Not necessarily. You can astral project and never encounter a low vibrational entity. Just like you can get on a freeway and drive to a “bad neighborhood” or a “good neighborhood” so too can you go to frequencies on the astral plane that are safer than others.

Do our spirit guides protect us from danger on the astral plane?
Mostly it’s angels who do the protecting, but your spirit guides can send you a warning like, “Hey, you’re about to step on an astral bee-hive, I’d move away if I were you.” But we have free will and we can ignore warnings if we want to.

Can I protect myself from an astral attack or do I need to call on the angels?
You can protect yourself by adjusting your frequency to a higher vibration, which in essence is like switching to another channel. The astral being will not be able to follow you to a higher vibration.

You can also directly engage with the astral entity and parry its attacks with a light sword, for example. I used to do this when I was a teenager. I was getting attacked a lot and finally learned how to fight back directly. But the better thing to do is move away from their frequency.

It’s unnerving to think an astral being might attack me at any time. How do I deal with the fear?
Everything has its place in the universe. We must co-exist. If you don’t engage in risky behaviors on the astral plane or in your daily life, you will likely be okay.

If you are afraid of being swarmed by bees you might stay in your home all day, but most people learn to avoid bee hives and leave the bees alone. You also don’t walk around in the forest where the grizzly bears might attack you. And you don’t hike where there are venomous snakes right? Most people will never encounter an astral entity so don’t be too afraid.

The bottom line on astral entities is that you can easily avoid them. So if you don’t go poking around in their domain you won’t have much to worry about. If you do find yourself in trouble, call on an angel for help and you will get it.

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