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4 Reasons You Can’t Manifest What You Desire

I was doing a reading for a client recently who was confused as to why he was able to manifest one thing he desired very quickly but was having trouble manifesting other things he desired equally as much.

His guides explained why some things take longer than others to manifest, and I think it’s good information to share with everyone so let’s go over the 4 reasons you have not yet manifested what you want.

You Don’t Really Desire It
Sometimes we say we want something but we really don’t.

For example, I had a client who told me he really wanted to take some college course because he felt it would make him more marketable in his field. But time and time again something happened to cause him not to sign up for the classes. He missed the deadline, or he “accidentally” spent the money on something else, or the class he wanted simply wasn’t at a good time, etc.

His guides suggested to him that he didn’t actually want to take the classes, he just wanted to be more marketable and earn a higher income. He admitted this was true and his guides found other ways to help him earn more income.

If you are finding it tough to manifest something you think you want, ask yourself if you really truly want it. Sometimes we want the result but we don’t want to take the actions required to obtain it. Be honest with yourself.

You Are Not in Control of the Outcome
Let’s use the example of two sport teams. Each team wants to win. Each player is committed to winning the game. You’ve got desires from both teams to obtain the exact same outcome, but only one team will actually win the game. Whose desire is going to manifest? Team 1 or Team 2?

Sometimes you have a desire that seems perfectly obtainable to you, but there are opposing desires involved as well. When you are in competition with someone for the exact same prize, only one person or team will manifest their desire.

In the case of an athlete, winning a game is not necessarily under his control. What IS under his control is to play as hard as he can, to use the best equipment he can find, to help support his team mates as best he can, to listen to the instructions of his coach, to get a good night’s sleep the night before the game, to eat healthy foods that will energize him, and to play with safety in mind so he doesn’t injure himself and have to leave the game early.

If you are having trouble manifesting a desire, ask yourself if there is someone or something opposing you that has the same strong will and desire you do. Then all you can do is stack the deck in your favor and hope for a favorable outcome.

You Are Not Willing to Take the Necessary Action to Obtain It
Setting the goal or desire is the easy part. Obtaining it requires action. You must take actions aligned with achieving your desired outcome or the Universe has no vehicle with which to bring you your desires. A case in point…

I was talking to a woman who told me she had set the intention to get millions of dollars. She just knew it was going to manifest because she wanted it SO badly. She told her angels, guides, and the Universe to bring it to her and she would be so grateful and use the money to help others; an altruistic goal to be sure.

I asked her if she had bought a lottery ticket. “No,” she replied.

I asked her if she had entered a contest. “No,” she replied.

I asked her if she was going to inherit a large sum of money, or if she was married to someone who was earning millions of dollars a year, or if she was a bank robber. “No” was her response to all questions.

I asked, “So how are you supposed to get the millions of dollars?”

She said, “That’s for my guides to figure out. That’s their problem.”

When you are unwilling or unable to take actions to support your desire, you are basically locking the door but expecting something to come through anyway. If you are not willing to take action, neither is the Universe. Show the Universe you are on board by taking consistent action towards the goal. It will then be able to send resources, people and experiences to you that will help manifest your desire.

You’ve Set an Unrealistic Goal
In order to manifest a goal or desire, you must believe it is possible. If you can’t imagine obtaining it, you cannot hold the energy necessary to receive it. For example, if your goal is to be able to fly like Superman or shoot lasers out of your eyes, but deep in your heart you feel this is not possible, you will block this from manifesting. If you don’t believe it’s possible, neither will the Universe.

I remember a conversation I had with a client many years ago.

He said, “If the Law of Attraction is real, all I have to do is wish for something and it will come to me right?”

I said, “What are you trying to manifest?”

He said, “I’ve set an intention to earn 82 million dollars this year.”

I said, “What are you earning right now?”

He said, “$500 a month.”

I said, “Do you actually believe it’s possible to go from earning $500 a month to earning $82 million dollars in one year?”

He said, “No, but I don’t have to believe it. I just have to want it, right?”

I told him to set a realistic goal and work on that so that he would have a success experience which he could then parley into a greater success the next year, and so on.

Set a realistic goal for yourself because believing you can obtain it is an important variable of the manifesting equation.

The bottom line on manifesting what you desire comes down to wanting what you say you want, working within your capabilities, taking necessary action to obtain what you desire, and setting a goal that excites you and feels possible.

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