Will Those I’ve Wronged Forgive Me on the Other Side?

As I’m winding down this life, I agonize over the mistakes I’ve made. Almost all concern the way I’ve treated people. Most were from ignorance on my part, a few were intentional. What will happen when I pass over and see these people? The first thing I will say is “I’m sorry” but I will be embarrassed. I have learned from this, but have a ways to go. What reaction can I expect? – Jim

I think most people reading this can relate to your situation. You can’t really get through life without doing something you later regret and wishing you could make it right.

If the person you feel you wronged is still alive, it would be ideal to make an apology or make amends while you are both still incarnated, as it will release you from worrying about it while you are still here.

You can send a note, email, or make a call acknowledging your transgression and apologizing sincerely for what you’ve done. It is then up to the other person to accept your apology or not, but most people will understand if you explain how sorry you are and that you wish it had never happened.

You can also offer to make amends if you are able. That too goes a long way to relieving any burden you may feel on your soul.

If the person you have wronged is already deceased, it’s possible to send them an energetic apology. Focus on their energy and mentally send them an apology, being as sincere and loving as you can. They will hear you. You can follow that up with an “in-person” apology when you get to the other side.

When you cross over, you will go through a life review, which is a good time to see if you have inadvertently harmed someone or to remember harm you may have causes someone that you forgot. Then you can seek out their soul and commune with them.

You will find that forgiveness happens very easily on the other side. Souls remember that they are like actors in a play, and sometimes characters get angry with each other or do things they wouldn’t do if they remembered who they really were. When the play is over, the actors are still friends, even if their characters opposed each other.  You will be forgiven.

The key here is sincerity and forgiveness. If you sincerely regret what you’ve done, please forgive yourself, here and now if possible. There is no need to carry guilt around with you like a heavy coat in summer. We are all human and we make mistakes. Make amends if you can, apologize if you are able, and then let it go.

Do your best to live a life you are proud of, but don’t beat yourself up if you are not perfect. Do the best you can and live with sincerity and kindness.

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