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Can You Get Advice From Deceased Celebrities?

“Let’s say you are a budding young musician and you’d like to get guidance or advice from Elvis or David Bowie. Is it possible to tune into them and get that guidance or would they totally ignore you and be uninterested in helping you?” – Daphne

Technically, you can reach out to anyone on the other side, but those folks may or may not answer your “call.” It’s all going to depend on their desire to expend energy to assist you, and your ability to reach a high enough vibration to see/hear them.

But it doesn’t hurt to ask.

The spirit guides who are assigned to us before we are born were selected by our higher selves to help us manifest our life intentions. Those guides are more than capable of assisting you throughout your life.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for specific help from someone you admired who lived on Earth and has since crossed over.

To reach out to a specific energy, you should get yourself to a nice high vibration which is usually accomplished through meditation. For me, I sit quietly, breathe deeply, then I open, spin and clear all of my chakras. Then I imagine I am walking up a long staircase in space; each step taking me to a higher vibration. Once I reach the top of my staircase there is a door.

When I go through the door I am transported to my garden which is where I go to speak to deceased people, my higher self, and my spirit guides. Once there, I can ask others to come to me and I wait to see if they will show up.

I have done this exercise to reach out to Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Albert Einstein, and Mother Teresa to name just a few. It’s an interesting experience to connect with such energies. In each case I was able to hold the conversation and the energy for 5-10 minutes and that was enough.

I did not ask them to become my permanent spirit guides, I only asked them to lend me their wisdom on certain matters. I knew I would be able to reach them again if I needed them.

What if those folks have already reincarnated though? How would you reach them? You would speak to their higher self who will manifest to you in the way that you would recognize them.

How do you know you’re really connected to the specific soul you’re wanting to connect with? If you call out to them from your sacred space (i.e. in my case it’s my garden) then imposters will be unable to manifest to you. You will either attract your expert or no one will show up. Plus, the advice will be sound, useful, and actionable.

Why would someone “famous” want to help you? There is no fame on the other side. Just souls with various levels of experience on Earth. I think there are many who would be interested in sharing their wisdom even for just a few minutes.

Give this a try on your own, but remember that they are under no obligation to commune with you so be respectful of their energy and what they are willing to give you.

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