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Can Deceased Loved Ones Lash Out in Anger from the Other Side?

I got three emails recently that had me concerned.

“Erin, the other night I dreamed my deceased mother turned her back on me. Is she mad at me? What have I done to deserve her anger, and how can I fix it?”

“My brother killed himself a year ago and now he’s coming to me in my dreams blaming me for his death. This is not fair as I had nothing to do with it. Why is he angry at me?”

“I think my deceased grandmother is haunting me. When I get home from work the rug is flipped over, my dishes are broken in the kitchen, and there are scratches on my window. How can I make her happy so she stops doing this?”

The reason all of these emails concerned me was because people are scaring themselves for no good reason, and it pains me that they are putting themselves through unnecessary worry and fear.

Our deceased loved ones do not come back from the other side to try to hurt or scare us. They would not do that to you.

Even if you had a bad relationship while they were alive, even if they were actually angry at you before they died, even if you think you were not nice to them, deceased people do not retain anger on the other side and they have no reason to make you feel fear or shame.

When we cross over we understand so much of what we couldn’t understand while alive. Forgiveness happens almost instantly on the other side. People do not hold grudges after they cross over, despite what you see in horror movies.

If your deceased loved one wants to communicate with you, they will do it gently, in a manner that is not scary. They will come to you in dreams and express love and gratitude. If they decide to try to get your attention through electronics or moving a picture frame, they won’t continue if that scares you.

So what does it mean if you dream your loved one is angry at you? It’s just a dream, not a visitation. Perhaps your own subconscious fears are manifesting in your dreams. Examine that.

And if you have paranormal activity in your home and your stuff is being messed with, that’s probably an entity, not a dead person. An entity is a being that was never human and lives on the astral plane. Entities can be powerful or weak, but they can sometimes interact with us on our plane. In that case you will want to find a reputable paranormal investigation team to help you identify and remove the entity.

Do not fear contact and communication with your dearly departed. They will try to make contact with you, yes, but it will be kind, loving and gentle. Do not confuse a real visitation with a bad dream.

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