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Is Remote Viewing Real?

A reader emailed me recently to ask if I thought that remote viewing was a legitimate psychic skill. For those not familiar with remote viewing, it is the ability to psychically see locations, people, and objects at a distance.

In other words, using remote viewing could allow you to see where a kidnapped child was taken, or where the head of ISIS was holed up, or where your lost retainer resides.

It’s basically psychic vision; the ability to see what’s happening somewhere else.

The U.S. military had a full program studying this phenomenon in the 1990’s. Obviously the ability to see things far away has strategic value to the military.

Some people believe the remote viewers got lucky, and some people believe it’s a real psychic ability.

I have not personally engaged in remote viewing, however, I do believe it’s highly probable because I can astral project and go to remote locations to see what is happening there.

The difference is that with remote viewing, only your conscious mind moves through space to view a scene and with astral projection your soul leaves your body and you must fly or teleport to the location to view it. So remote viewing is mental projection of your consciousness and astral projection is physical projection of your consciousness.

A person skilled at astral projection is probably more likely to be able to remote view than someone not familiar with casting awareness to another location.

The best way to determine if a psychic ability is real or not is to learn it yourself and see if you can do it, then there will be no doubt in your mind.

Science will eventually catch up to the paranormal, and one day it will probably be possible for us to see images in the mind of a person.

So I do believe remote viewing is possible and I’m sure there are people out there who have done it successfully many times. I can’t imagine the military really wants the public to know too much about it so the fact that they are “no longer” studying the ability is probably a red herring.

If you have successfully conducted a remote viewing session, please contact me and share your experience.

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