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How Past Lives Show Up in Your Present Life

I sent a client a past life reading and her response was, “That life you sent me is so different than my current life. How can that be?”

My response was, “Why would you have the same life over and over again? The soul craves and desires new experiences, so each time you come back to Earth you are going to craft a new experience for yourself. In one life you may have been a farmer in Nebraska, and in another a ballet dancer in Russia. Having the same life over and over again would be boring, wouldn’t it?”

She agreed that that made sense, but after doing hundreds of past life readings for people and getting feedback on how it compared with their current life, I’ve noticed some things.

Past Lives Can Be Vastly Different than Present Lives

As mentioned above in the reading for my client, in her current life she is a preschool teacher, but in the past life that came up for her she was a Samurai warrior in Japan. She could not even imagine what she would be doing in such a violent situation, so I had to remind her that her Samurai self is probably wondering how he could ever be happy babysitting young children all day.

Just like actors choose different parts to play in their movies, our souls choose different types of experiences to have while in physicality on Earth. Variety is the spice of life!

Past Lives Can Mirror our Present Lives

Likewise, I’ve read for people where the past life that comes up is uncannily similar to their current life. Case in point, I read for a guy who had a past life as a circus performer and acrobat, traveling Europe and entertaining people. He died tragically in that life during a performance. He then revealed to me that in his current life he is a performer in a Cirque du Soleil production and wanted to know if there was a reason he chose a similar life.

From what I’ve seen, sometimes when there is a sudden, unexpected death, a person will want to “finish” the life they were intending to have so when they come back to Earth they program a life that will allow them to finish what they started.

I would say that is just as common as coming back and doing something completely different.

Past Lives Can Be Very Impactful or Totally Chill

I’ve also seen some people who are leading extremely impactful present lives, but in a past life they lived a life of relaxation. For example, I have a client who today is working on bringing modern healthcare to poor countries, but when we looked at one of her past lives she spent her days painting, reading, taking long walks in nature, and socializing with her peers. That was her entire life.

Sometimes we come here to work hard and sometimes we come here to play. That’s totally normal. Usually people find some of each in their lives, but sometimes it’s very single-minded.

Past Lives Can Create Traumatic Carryover

I’ve also read for clients who are suffering from past life trauma, which means something that happened to them in past life that was beyond horrible is impacting their current life through no intention of their own.

For example, I had a client who was buried alive in a previous life; she woke up inside her coffin. In her present life she was experiencing strong episodes of claustrophobia and was very fearful that she would slip into a coma and be pronounced dead and wake up while they were cremating her body. She didn’t know why she had a such a strong and specific fear until we uncovered the past life trauma.

When a soul dies tragically or horribly, often the memory of that experience follows them into a future life and they have a seemingly irrational fear crop up without an instigating incident. Past life recall and past life therapy can help a person release those fears in their present life.

The Earth is like a playground. Some people come to play, some want to improve the playground and work very hard to make positive changes. There is no right or wrong way to live your life, nor should you judge others who aren’t showing up in the playground the way you think they should.

A past life reading can help you understand fears, unfinished business, trauma and more. It can help remind you that the life you are leading now is but one life in a long string of lives. Some lives are easy, some are hard. Sometimes it’s easier to understand this life when you know what was going on in a previous life.

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