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Is Life Like a School?

When I was a teenager I started delving deeply into spirituality. It was the 1980’s, the height of the new age movement. Shirley Maclaine was my hero. I read and studied every book I could find on the subject of psychics, UFOs and aliens, time travel, quantum physics, past lives, crystals, tarot cards, pendulums, lucid dreaming, astral projection, religion and mythology, Ouija boards, mediumship … everything!

I was most fascinated by spirit guides and the higher self. I went right to work learning meditation so I could properly communicate with my guides and higher self. I had great success at an early age and I was thrilled to be so closely connected to my guides.

I recall that around the age of 15 I developed a belief that life was like a school. We come here to learn lessons, to grow, and to evolve so that one day we wouldn’t have to incarnate again because we’d be so leveled up and perfect.

I made it my goal to learn my life lessons as quickly as possible. I analyzed my behaviors to make sure I was being thoughtful, kind, and caring and doing what a good little lightworker would do. I had questions and I sought out answers. I tried to improve my nature and my behavior so that I could work through these “levels” as quickly as possible.

I likened living in a physical body to going to school. Life gave you tests and you had to pass them. Life gave you lessons so you would learn and become better. If you didn’t learn a lesson right the first time, the Universe would bring it to you again until you learned it.

As I got older, and as I began having deeper contact with celestial beings, my spirit guides, my higher self, and Source itself, I realized that I had it all wrong.

We did not come here to learn lessons. We did not come here to evolve or become perfect. We did not come here to grow. I’m not saying those things aren’t happening while we are here, but that is not the primary reason we come to Earth.

I now understand that our primary reason for incarnating is to experience physicality and to experience joy.

We come here in physical bodies because it’s fun for our energetic souls to take physical form every now and again. Coming to Earth is like going on vacation. We want to experience the sights and sounds of physicality so that we can do things in physicality that we cannot do while we are just energy.

I also realized there is a danger in believing we have lessons to learn before we can move on, and I see this when I’m doing readings for my clients.

Someone might say, “I’ve been with my abusive husband for 30 years. I know I’m supposed to endure this so I can learn a spiritual lesson, but I really don’t know what it could be. Can you help me?”

Or “I really hate my job, but I know my lesson is to learn patience so I stick with it. Can you tell me when I’m going to learn patience so I can leave this job and get something I like better?”

Or, “I have been struggling with my health for more than a decade. What lesson is the Universe trying to teach me? Why can’t I learn it?”

If you go through life believing you must learn lessons and be tested by the Universe, you could end up living a life that is not joyful, as you will judge yourself unworthy, on some level, of acquiring that joy.

Every person is entitled to feel joy. Every person is entitled to enjoy physicality while they are here. Sometimes we put blocks up that don’t need to be there because we don’t feel worthy of receiving joy.

Do not do this to yourself. Do not restrict yourself from living a joyful life because you think you don’t deserve it.

If there is something in your life that does not make you happy, change course. You are not being forced to endure pain and misery because the Universe is trying to teach you something. The Universe wants you to play and be happy. That’s it. But we humans often complicate things.

Life is not a school. There is no graduation. There is no perfection. There are no lessons. There are no grades.

There is only the pursuit of happiness.

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