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How Quickly Can Deceased People Communicate After They Die?

Right after a loved one dies, it’s very normal to wonder if they “made it” to the other side, if they are okay, and if they have any messages for those they left behind.

In the case of a murder, you may want to know who killed them.

If there was a suicide you may want to make sure they are happy on the other side or if they are still suffering emotionally.

There might even be practical concerns such as “Where is your will?” or “What’s the password to your computer?”

Whatever the reason, making contact with a recently deceased person is a very high priority for many people.

But CAN the dearly departed reach back and communicate instantly upon reaching the other side?

In my years of experience connecting with deceased people during readings, I have found that it really varies.

Some deceased people can make contact immediately. They come through during a mediumship reading, or they come through to a person through dreams. Those are the easiest ways.

They may also move things around the house, or tap your shoulder while you are sleeping. They may overlay their visage on someone else’s face so that you swear you just saw them at the grocery store.

But not all spirits are able to make contact so quickly. Making contact involves a lot of energy and some finesse. It’s like trying to tune a radio to just the right frequency to pick up a song. They have to basically come in on the frequency you’re listening to and that is not easy.

I have found that if the deceased person was very spiritual and intuitive in life, they seem to have an easier time piercing the veil and sending messages to loved ones.

If a person was very grounded in the physical and is suddenly an energetic life form, it’s not as easy for them to follow the frequencies back to Earth and initiate communication.

Your deceased loved ones are almost always trying to get a message to you though. The better you can tune in, the more likely you are to receive that message.

So to summarize, a deceased person can definitely initiate communication even within a few hours of their passing, but most require a little time to get used to their new existence and learn how to communicate back to the living.

If you are waiting for communication, be patient. Quiet your mind, focus on their energy, and see if you can feel or hear them. They want to communicate with you just as much as you want to hear from them.

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