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There is No Such Thing as Sin

I receive a lot of emails from readers who are very worried about what’s going to happen to their immortal soul when they die.

They all believe they have transgressed against God in some way, and they believe it will relegate their soul to Hell or eternal damnation.

It pains me to know that there are people who believe that anything they do while incarnated on Earth can cause them to lose God’s love. It is not possible.

Source (God) does not judge your actions. Source is unconditional love. There is no punishment for your Earthly transgressions.

There is no Hell (cue the hate mail.)

The idea of sin is a manmade concept. Fear of going to Hell was how clergy controlled people’s behavior back in the day. Men invented sin to control the masses.

Does that mean you can go out and murder, rape and pillage to your heart’s content? You’ve always been able to do what you desire while incarnated on Earth, but every choice you make has a natural manmade consequence.

Laws were made to deter people from doing things that cause chaos in society. So if you murder someone and get caught, you will go to prison.

People ask, “If people aren’t afraid of going to Hell, what’s going to deter them from hurting other people?”

To that I reply, “Their conscience.”

I grew up without any sort of religion, and I’m not out there hurting people. I didn’t need a book or a sermon to tell me not to hurt people. I treat others how I want to be treated, and that’s with kindness, compassion, and care. I don’t have to hold back some innate desire to kill someone because a book or a man in robes told me I will burn in Hell for eternity if I did.

You either have a conscience or you don’t.

So when you die, even if you have committed atrocities, your soul goes to the same place everyone else’s souls go to. That may not seem fair, but it’s simply how it is.

You will judge yourself and your actions during your life review. You will see and feel how your actions impacted others. If you caused people pain, you will experience that pain. That’s the only “version of Hell” that exists. But it’s certainly not eternal, and it’s designed to help you understand your impact.

Every day that you live on Earth you are making choices about your behavior. Some choices will make you feel good about yourself and put positive ripples into the ocean of humanity. Some choices will hurt other people and break them.

It’s your choice.

But lose the idea of sin. If you need to be cowed into behaving like a decent human being, you should focus on fixing that here and now.

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