One Surprising Thing I Learned About Life on the Other Side

I was doing a reading for a lovely gentleman the other day who had unfortunately just lost his father. I tuned in to see if I could connect with his dad, and he came through immediately and with a nice clear, strong signal. He showed me something he’s doing on the other side that I have never seen before, and I felt it was worth sharing.

Let’s call him David for purposes of this article. David conveyed to me how excited he was to be exploring the other side. In life he had quite a love of learning, and he told me he was now in a position to get answers to his most burning questions. So many things had been revealed to him when he crossed over.

Additionally, David was excited to report that he was meeting all his idols from life who had crossed over before him, and he was able to “pick their brains” so to speak and ask all the questions he had had while living.

Then he showed me something else he did on the other side that I thought was very interesting. It was something no other deceased person had ever shared with me.

When you first cross over you go through a life review. You see your life like a video playing out on a screen. You see how you affected others, you see the impact you made on humanity, you see your sorrows, your joys, your loved ones, and more.

Then you move on, reconnect with those you love on the other side, and go on about your new existence.

But David showed me that you can go back to your life review any time you wanted and thumb through it like it was a scrapbook. You can zoom in on certain life events and watch them in great detail, fast forwarding, pausing or rewinding like you were watching a movie.

He said it helped him gain great insights to see his life as an observer of his actions, and to more clearly see the impact he was having on people around him.

When he was in an argument he could more clearly see how that impacted others around him. When he was in a joyful mood he could see the energetic ripples it caused in the lives of the people he touched.

He said he was also able to see all the energetic cords that connect everyone, and he could see what would happen if he tugged on those cords with love or with anger.

This was a man who was deeply fascinated by retrospect and analysis of behavior. I’m not sure all deceased people engage in this kind of intense review, but it was interesting to note that it would be available to us when we crossed over.

I imagine I’m the type of person that would love to analyze this life and see the ripples (both good and bad) that my behavior caused. I think it would be fascinating to no end and engender a great learning experience.

David’s son was quite relieved and overjoyed to hear that his father was enjoying his time on the other side. It can be so painful for those left living to lose a loved one. The tearing of those cords can be unbearable. But time and again I see that our loved ones on the other side are happy, comfortable, and enjoying their new digs.

I for one am looking forward to my life review and for getting the opportunity to explore this life further if I so choose.

David also conveyed to me that he could explore all his past lives in the same manner. He was enjoying the process of reconnecting with himself and his experiences.

It’s something to look forward to if you’re into that sort of thing. And if you don’t want to do that in depth, you can always go hang out with David Bowie, Einstein, or Steve Jobs.

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