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What Does a Ghost Need with Blue Jeans?

Recently I was settling into my bed to sleep for the night. A few minutes later I heard a noise by my door and opened my eyes to see what it was. It was a ghost!

Clear as day, walking from my bedroom door towards my bed was a teenage boy with blond hair, a green shirt, and blue jeans. I sat up, startled, and said out loud, “Hello?”

He turned his head and made eye contact with me, gave me a chin jut of recognition, “Sup” and kept walking towards me. He passed through my bed at an angle and disappeared into my headboard.

My bed shook twice, and then all the shutters in my room shifted just enough to make noise. That was it; he was gone, and I was left wondering what just happened.

I don’t generally see ghosts with my physical eyes. When I do readings I only see spirits in my mind’s eye. This was an arrangement I made many years ago with my spirit guides. I knew if I saw dead people standing at the end of my bed I would have a heart attack.

This arrangement has worked swimmingly for decades, but lately I’ve begun seeing ghosts in my room at night. The first was a teenage kid who walked past me and said “When are we leaving?”

The second was a dark figure in a trench coat who slowly approached my bed and disappeared after about 5 seconds. Then in the middle of the night I saw him again just standing at the end of my bed staring at me. It was exactly as unnerving as you’re imagining, and I wondered how long he’d been standing there watching me sleep.

The third ghost I saw was a young girl wearing a black and white checkered dress, a white sweater with clear buttons, and beautifully coifed hair and jeweled hair pins. She was kneeling next to my bed with her hands clasped in her lap and saying “No, no, no, no, no.” She appeared to be in distress and was fervently praying.

The fourth was a tall man who looked corpse-like, and he just stared blankly in front of him. There was no indication he knew where he was or could see me.

None of the apparitions stayed long enough for me to effectively communicate with them, though I would have liked to.

After telling some close friends about the ghosts, one of them said, “Why do ghosts appear in clothing? Aren’t they just energy on the other side? Without an actual body, what need would they have for clothes at all?”

This is a great question. When I do readings and connect with deceased loved ones on the other side, they always show themselves to me the way their living loved ones would remember them. And that means clothing. I’ve never thought twice about that. I’m seeing a projected image that allows me to describe them to my client.

But what about these ghosts just walking through my bedroom? They aren’t communicating directly with me, so why are they fully formed, clothing-wearing ghosts and not just amorphous blobs of energy?

I believe there are a few possible explanations.

First, they might be recently deceased and on their way to the other side. They are retaining their identity until they fully cross over and that means wearing the clothes and hair styles they had when they died.

Another explanation is that these apparitions were not dead people but living people astral projecting. In that case, I would see them wearing whatever they were wearing when they projected because most astral projectors don’t realize they can change their attire at will. While I think this is possible in some cases, in others I really felt like I was seeing a dead person.

Another explanation is that they are fully deceased but showing me what they looked like while alive in the hopes that I will tune in to them and be able to pass along a message to their families. So far I’ve been unable to tune in to them because they disappear so quickly, or perhaps they are not disappearing and I am just losing the ability to see them. I’m not sure yet.

But whatever the explanation I can assure you that ghosts don’t wear clothing on the other side. There is no physical body, just energy. When they commune back with the living, we often see them in clothing because they are projecting that. And sometimes they just appear as energetic figures.

I don’t know if the ghost in the green shirt and blue jeans will ever pass through my room again, but he seemed friendly at least, and I hope the next ghost sticks around long enough for a conversation.

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