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How Do Deceased Loved Ones Feel When You Take Them Off Life Support?

Occasionally during readings with my clients someone will want to know if they should remove a loved one from life support. Obviously if the person is expected to fully recover you should give them that time to heal if at all possible.

However, if there is no chance for a meaningful recovery where they could have good quality of life, it is best, spiritually speaking, to release the body so the soul can move on to the ether.

To use an analogy, staying in a non-functional body is like sitting on a roller coaster that will never roll again. You’re waiting for nothing. The ride is over. It’s time to get off.

I have been in contact with patients in comas. It wasn’t something I was expecting to be able to do, but apparently being in a coma allows a live person to communicate with me the same way a deceased person communicates with me.

In each and every case they wanted to be released from the body. They were done and they wanted to go.

Now, if you are afraid of death or you believe that you fade away after you die, I can fully understand why you would want to hold on to any hope of recovery.

If you believe there is an afterlife, however, you will understand that remaining trapped inside a non-functioning body is like being in prison.

When I have done readings with people on the other side who were taken off life support, they were all extremely grateful to have been let go.

Of course it is incredibly difficult to release a loved one who is on life support. The pain is overwhelming. Take some solace in knowing they will not be mad at you for making the decision; in fact, they will be grateful.

So gather, say your goodbyes, and let them go. The release will be a blessing.

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