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Using Your Intuition Can Save You Time and Money

In a recent reading my client asked me if he should do an MBA program or just head out into the work force and get experience on the job. His guides told him what would happen on each path and then he was free to choose the path with the result he wanted most.

His primary goal was to earn a large income as soon as possible because he was in his early 30’s and had a family to support. So in his particular case, moving into the work force would get him to his goal faster and he wouldn’t have to spend the time and money to get the MBA.

Another client who asked the same question might get a different answer because their background and goals would be different than this particular client I had.

But these are the kind of questions that are great to ask your guides.
• Should I go back to school or just get real world on-the-job experience?
• How can I transition to a career that will make me happier?
• How can I earn more money doing what I love?
• Which college degree will lead to my greatest joy?

Your spirit guides can see trajectories. So when you ask them questions like these they can show you what happens on various paths and then you can pick the path whose outcome you desire.

For example, they might say “Becoming a social worker would be fulfilling but would not meet your income goals. Rather you should become an intuitive counselor or start your own healing center as that will satisfy your soul intention and cover your financial needs.”

Or they might say, “You need the degree or you won’t be competitive in this field. Take the time to get the degree, and here’s how to finance it so you don’t go into debt.”

But if you’re not asking your guides the questions, you can’t get the benefit of their practical guidance.

For those who want to learn to access their guides at will, please check out my online course, The Intuition Development Program where you will learn how to utilize your intuition whenever you want to.

If you don’t want to take a class, you can book a reading with me and we can ask your guides these important questions.

Knowing how a certain path is going to turn out can save you tons of time and money. Why get a 4 or 6-year degree if it’s not actually going to pay off? Why spend years of your life in school if you’re going to hate the job it leads to?

Finding out in advance how a decision is likely to turn out and how to make it go in your favor is priceless.

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