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What does it mean if you think about a friend and then they call?

Recently a reader sent me an email explaining how she was discussing knee pain with her husband while walking through a mall. She decided that the next time she saw her doctor she would bring it up. As they left the mall, she saw her doctor standing on the corner across the street.

What does that mean? Was that a coincidence? A premonition? Did she manifest the situation? Was it Law of Attraction?

Have you ever thought about a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and suddenly they call?

Have you ever thought about a song and it’s the next one that comes on the radio?

Does it mean you have psychic abilities? Do you know the future?

Here’s what’s happening…

Every person on the planet is creating our shared reality. As people take actions, it pulls and tugs on the energetic cords that tie us all together. Those cords carry knowledge and information.

For example, the person at the radio station who decides to play a certain song is sending a ripple of energy through the system. Some people will pick up on it. Most people won’t. So some people will be able to detect what song is coming up next.

You thinking about the song didn’t make the song come on. The song was coming and you felt its energy ripple. You detected it.

That friend who is about to call you sends a ping through the energy cords and in that moment you happened to pick up on it. You detected the call coming. You didn’t cause it.

When you experience the condition of thinking about something and then it happens start realizing that you are detecting it coming, as opposed to creating it.

Also start to realize that if you want to, you can tune in to the energy cords that surround and connect us and you can start detecting a lot of things coming. An imminent car accident, a pregnancy announcement from a friend, your boss getting ready to lay some people off, a bad health situation that has manifested in your body, the energy of your partner having a bad day and coming home needing to vent.

If the act is occurring, or if the decision has been made, it sends ripples through the energy cords, and you can pick up on them. What could you do with that information? Could you avoid an accident? Help someone in need? Head off disaster? Get to a doctor sooner? Notice an amazing opportunity early?

How can you consciously tap into the energy cords so you know what’s coming?

The best way is to learn how to use your intuitive modalities: Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. Those are the tools you use to connect to the cords.

When you know how to consciously use your intuitive modalities, you can more easily detect what’s coming, and you can use that information to your benefit. It can even be on autopilot. You will get a strong feeling that some information is trying to come through and then you can stop what you’re doing and tune in. I often start to feel nervous in my body if something negative is coming to impact me. I then tune in to my guides and ask them what it is.

Develop your intuitive modalities and meditate for at least a few minutes every day. Instead of something simple like knowing a friend is about to call, you can be forewarned and forearmed about something disastrous coming your way, or you can prepare to best receive an opportunity.

The cords carry the information. You can access that information unconsciously or consciously, but if you do it consciously you’re way ahead of the game.

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