Pennies, Feathers, and Butterflies: Are they really signs from beyond?

I was doing a reading for a client who told me that every time she thought about her deceased mother she would find a penny on the ground sometime that day. She wanted to know if the pennies were really being sent from her mother or if it was a coincidence.

Another client would see feathers and think they were from her deceased grandmother. Butterflies and birds are also common objects people equate with visitations from deceased loved ones.

But are these coincidences or do our deceased loved ones actually have the ability to put objects in our path to let us know they are around?

The answer is that some deceased souls have the strength and finesse to put objects on your path, and some don’t.

Some of the signs you see are really from a deceased loved one and some are just coincidences.

How can you tell the difference?

Look for special meaning

For example, one of my readers told me that she and her mother used to collect coins. One night when she went to the grocery store she saw on the ground by her car a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. They were not there when she went into the store, but they were when she got back. She felt a chill go down her spine and felt her mother’s presence. That was likely a sign from her mother.

But finding a penny or other coin randomly on the ground does not necessarily mean a deceased loved one put it there. People drop coins all the time. If you look hard enough you can probably find at least one penny per day.

But if the object has special meaning between you and a deceased loved one then it could very well be from that person, because they know you will understand the meaning.

Look at behavior

A friend of mine went to sit at the grave of his deceased mother. While he was there sitting on a bench a butterfly flew up to him and landed right on his hand.

Startled, he shook it off, but it came back and landed on his hand again. The butterfly stayed with him for several minutes before finally flying away. He felt communion with the butterfly and it was probably a sign from his mother, especially since he was focused on communing with her at the time.

Look at timing

A reader told me that one time he was sitting in his bedroom talking to his deceased father, hoping that he heard him. A minute or so later, his 4 year old walked into his bedroom and handed him an old watch that belonged to the deceased man. The toddler said, “Here, Dad, grandpa wants you to have this.” The timing on that gift was extraordinary and probably not a coincidence.

Look for repetition

Seeing a feather on the ground is one thing, but asking your deceased loved one to send you feathers and then seeing 5 in one day is more likely to be a sign than just a coincidence.

I’ve made a deal with my spirit guides that if they want to send me a sign it needs to come at least 3 times so I know it’s not a coincidence.

Be careful about putting expectations on loved ones though. They aren’t magic and they can’t easily move objects onto your path. It takes effort and practice.

Signs might be more than just objects

Sometimes it’s easier for deceased loved ones to send you a recognizable scent like the perfume they wore in life. Or they might knock a picture off the wall. Or cause your electronics to malfunction in odd or unexpected ways. A significant song might come on the radio. Or you might get a phone call from another relative who wants to talk about that particular deceased loved one that you were just thinking about.

Deceased loved ones love to come through dreams because that’s one of the easiest ways for them to reach you.

Our dearly departed want to reassure us that they are okay on the other side. They want us to know they are thinking about us like we are thinking about them. Signs are one way they reach out from beyond to let us know we are still connected.

Look for the signs and be grateful when they come.

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