Are People Who Had Mental or Emotional Illnesses Okay When They Reach the Other Side?

Recently I did a reading for a mom whose 10-year-old autistic son was tragically killed in a car accident. She was so distraught about the death, but what really haunted her was wondering if he was “okay” on the other side. She wanted to know if he carried his autism into the afterlife, and she wanted to know if someone was taking care of him.

I reassured her that her son was absolutely fine and intact on the other side, and was able to bring through some validating evidence for her so she knew I was really communicating with him. The relief she felt came right through the phone. A huge weight lifted off her shoulders.

Let me reassure everyone reading this article of a few things.

Any mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual illness that you may have while you are incarnated is sloughed off at the time of death.

You return to being the intact soul you were before you incarnated and the intact soul you always are even when you don’t remember.

We do not take physical or mental ailments into the afterlife.

People who have dementia at the time of their death do not have dementia on the other side. They are clear minded.

People with addictions do not carry those to the other side either.

You slough off anxiety and depression as well.

The cancer stays on Earth.

The inability to walk stays here too.

You leave everything behind and release the character you were playing in this life, and you return to being an energetic, high-frequency being that is beyond anything physical, emotional or mental.

One of the most common things I hear from deceased individuals is how much better they feel, and how grateful they are not to be in their ailing bodies anymore. It’s a complete and utter release. They are 100% relieved of suffering.

Death is difficult for us to handle, but it’s even worse if you’re imagining your loved ones still suffering on the other side. Trust me, they are in much better shape than we are.

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