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A New Year’s Message from the Other Side

As we head into 2020, I thought it would be fun and interesting to channel a message from the other side. This message is coming from the beings that new age folks often refer to as the Ascended Masters. For me, the Ascended Masters are like a council of elders who guide our planet and help nudge us in a positive direction. They are the guardians of humanity. Here is what they want us to know:

We understand that you have questions about your lives. You want to know what’s going to happen to you in the future. You want to know how to make your lives wonderful. You want to know how to relieve stress and alleviate your suffering.

We invite you to adopt a higher perspective when it comes to understanding your place in the world. You are like a cell in the body of humanity. Every single one of you contributes to the body to make up the whole. No one is greater or lesser than another.

The body of humanity is the way it is today because of every person living on the planet at this time. If the majority of humanity is filled with fear, hate, anger, sadness, shame, anxiety, or guilt it flavors humanity; it alters the course of humanity and the body becomes dis-eased.

The more love, light, joy, compassion, gratitude and kindness you can put into the world, the stronger the body of humanity becomes. This strengthens everyone. This strengthens the entirety of humanity and causes a ripple effect throughout, making ALL of you happier, more loving, more kind.

If you want to live a wonderful life, put more positive energy into the body, so that it is reflected back to you in the same way. You cannot extract from the body. You must give to the body so it can give the same back to you. The body cannot give other than what has been given to it.

If you want to live on a planet that is beautiful, warm, and loving, you must co-create it. Fill your day with positive thoughts and positive actions. Take care of each other, and the body of humanity will take care of you.

Take special care of those folks who are drowning in the dark. They cannot lift themselves up. Lend them your light and your strength. Do not condemn them or leave them behind. Be in the world what you want to see in the world.

That is how to end suffering.

I wish all of you a Happy New Year! May your light shine bright and may you be a beacon of hope for others!

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