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7 Ways to Make Your Life Worth Living

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that your life wasn’t worth living and you’ve considered suicide, I invite you to read this article which may help you see options you couldn’t see before.

Life is a gift. You may not remember or even believe this but you chose to come to Earth to play or to experience physicality, make an impact, or just play.

Sometimes you take stock of where you are and feel like you’ve backed yourself into a corner. You’re depressed, forlorn, and desperately unhappy.

It doesn’t really matter how you got yourself into that state, all the matters is you can get yourself out of it.

Here are 7 ways to make you life worth living again.

Remove The Anchors
Look at your life and ask yourself what is causing you pain. Is it a broken relationship? Financial debt? Major health issues?

Do everything you can to remove those negative anchors. That might mean training for a better job, or breaking up with your toxic partner and moving on, or taking a second job until you’re out of debt.

It might mean making major lifestyle adjustments to improve your health.

Use all the power available to you to remove what’s pulling you under.

Think of it like removing a piece of glass embedded in your skin. You can’t heal until you take out the glass.

Identify Your Joys
Make a list of the things that bring you joy. Maybe it’s a hobby, travel, or singing in the church choir. Maybe it’s baking for friends, taking a walk in nature, or doing the tango.

Fill your days up with your joys. This gives you something to look forward to each day.

Use your personal power to ensure that at least once a day you are doing something that brings you happiness. It’s important to enjoy the climb and not just be happy when you get to the summit.

Find a Cause
One of the most enriching things you can do is to find a meaningful cause. Save some animals, help feed the hungry, take socks to the homeless, teach someone how to read, help out your elderly neighbors.

People need help and you can help them, in small ways or large ways. Every act of kindness matters. When you help others, the gratitude washes over you and fills your fulfillment cup.

Re-invent Yourself
If you don’t like who you are, don’t be that way any more. You are not limited to doing what you’ve always done or being what you’ve always been. You can re-invent your identity any time you want.

You can drop your religion. You can change your name. You can change how you conduct yourself socially. You can move to another city. You can start over if you want.

There is no law that says you cannot become a completely new person. Re-design yourself in a new image. You have all the power to do that.

Find a New Tribe
If the people around you are bringing you down, let them go and find a new tribe. Decide exactly what kind of people you want to be with, and go find them.

Ask yourself where they go when they have free time? What interests them? Do they like to hike, build houses, go dancing, or meditate?

For example, if you want to be more spiritual you could frequent the new age bookstore in town, go online to find spirituality forums, start a meet up group for people who want to meditate together, go to a three day holistic seminar. You will find your tribe.

Laugh Hard and Often
Don’t let life become so serious that you forget to laugh. Laughter is truly medicine. It floods your body with endorphins and makes you feel good.

Go to a comedy club with friends, watch funny videos on YouTube, read funny stories, share funny stories with friends. Act silly, do puppet shows for kids in the hospital and bring laughter to others.

Find Emotional Intimacy
No one wants to go through life alone. It’s critical to have some emotional support from people who love you. Identify who in your life serves that purpose for you, and if you don’t currently have anyone you can find someone.

Be a good and dear friend to the people closest to you. Develop the emotional intimacy with others that you’d like to have with them. Check in with each other often. Make sure the people around you are okay.

You may not remember how badly you wanted to come to Earth. You may have moved so far from what you wanted that you can’t even imagine having a life worth living now. But as long as there is breath in your body, you can alter your course and begin to build a new life. Don’t give up!

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