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The Cords that Connect Us

Have you ever wondered why you have a strong bond with some people on Earth? Have you ever met someone and instantly felt like you’ve known them forever?

You may be picking up on the cords that connect us.

When I use my spiritual vision to look at people on Earth, I can see a web of energy cords that connect all beings together. Some cords are strong and some are weak, but there is always some type of energetic cord that connects us to everyone else.

Where do these cords come from and how are they generated? What makes a cord strong versus one that’s weak?

A lot of these energy cords are created before we are born. Some of the strongest cords I’ve seen occur between souls that have spent several life times with each other – your soul family, so to speak.

I also see strong cords between people who are deeply in love. There are usually strong cords between parents and their children.

The strength of the cord is predicated on the amount of connection you share with each other, so if you are very close and feel very loving towards someone, the cord will look thick to me and it will pulse with an incredible amount of energy.

Cords can be generated before you are born, but they can also develop once you are incarnated.

Cords can also change intensity over time. When you separate from a loved one, your cord is still there, but the amount of energy pulsing through it begins to degrade over time. For example, if you divorce your spouse and cease to have contact, the cord between you will change.

When a person dies, the cords that connected you change as well. They don’t disappear, but they do change in intensity.

Can cords be broken or severed completely?

You can consciously choose to disconnect a cord, but the stark reality is that all beings are still connected in one way or another. But you can sever the cord enough so that you no longer feel so strongly attached to a person you once felt strongly attached to.

People do this after a break up, and sometimes if there was abuse a person will sever a cord for their own good.

Can you create a strong cord with someone you’re in love with, and will they then be more attached to you?

You can pump loving energy into a cord which will have the effect of causing the other person to feel more loving or kind towards you. But a person has the ability to block that energy if they don’t want you messing with it, so if you’re thinking you can force someone to love you by manipulating the cord, think again. They can drop you if they desire.

What is the benefit of having strong cords with people?

Since cords connect you energetically, you can often use this connection to know when a loved one is hurting or in trouble. You can use the cord to send love and healing. You may also experience more empathy and telepathy with someone you have a strong bond with.

Can you have a strong cord with a soul but never have them in your actual life?

Yes, I have seen this as well. Sometimes you incarnate and have a strong soul cord between you and someone else, but they are living in another country and you simply never meet them in this life.

That can feel like you are missing someone you don’t even know exists. Just because you have a strong cord doesn’t mean you are destined to be with each other. It does increase the likelihood that if you run into that person you will develop an instant bond or connection with them.

My advice when it comes to cords is to be a strongly loving, kind, compassionate person. Then you will be putting love energy into the cords of humanity, which will help create a more beautiful planet.

You can do a little exercise right now. Close your eyes and imagine all the cords that connect you with the people on the planet. Pump some love energy through those cords and watch it ripple through the network. You may not see it outright, but it does help to put people in a better mood, which is good for everyone.

The cords that connect us are powerful. Enjoy the connection and put some love into those cords!

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