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Will You Be At Your Own Funeral?

When you’re a psychic medium and you go to a funeral, the experience is a little different than the one most people are having.

I can often see, feel or sense the deceased person in the room.

Sometimes the person is stationed in one place, overseeing the entire room. They are content to just be present.

Sometimes I see them flitting around from one conversation to another, listening to what people are saying about them.

Sometimes I’ve seen them desperately trying to get the attention of their loved ones. This often happens if the death was sudden, or if the person died young, or if there was unfinished business.

Sometimes the deceased person is not present at all, though that is rare.

Most of the time, the dearly departed are present, engaged, and interested in their funeral.

When I see a soul in distress, I reach out to the soul and try to acknowledge that I can see and hear them so they don’t feel like their pleas are falling on deaf ears.

Sometimes I have a conversation with them and pass along important messages to their living loved ones, if and only if those living loved ones are open to hearing the message. I’ve learned the hard way that not everyone wants that kind of contact, and some people become very angry when I’ve tried to pass along messages.

Chances are good that you will attend your own funeral.

When so many living people are focused on your energy, it will draw you to the scene. You will feel a tug on the other side to go see what that’s about.

It may be frustrating for you to try to communicate with your living loved ones who cannot sense you, but soon enough you will accept that it is so, and you will just enjoy being there.

While they are saying goodbye to you, you will be saying goodbye to them, they just may not know it. A funeral can help bring peace to both the living and deceased.

I highly recommend that if you attend a funeral you cast your thoughts out into the room and acknowledge the deceased person. They will be so grateful you have attempted to make contact with them.

If you have studied intuition development, you may even be able to tune in to them and pass along messages to their living loved ones.

A deceased person is much more at ease if they feel like they are seen, heard or noticed.

Your connection to your deceased loved ones does not die when they die; it just changes form. Any time you reach out with your energy and attention towards a deceased loved one, they will get an ethereal ping on the other side that you are thinking about them, and they may come to you to commune.

Funerals are tough because you are feeling the loss so keenly; it’s a fresh wound. Take some solace in knowing they are still around, still connecting, and still loving you.

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