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Why Don’t Psychics Have Perfect Lives?

The other day my sister and I were chatting and she mentioned that some of her friends just don’t understand the “psychic thing.”

Their main question is, “If your sister is so psychic, why hasn’t she solved all her problems in life? Why isn’t she a millionaire? Why doesn’t she have perfect health? Why can’t she help you solve your problems and get what you want either?”

This is a common question among skeptics and people who don’t understand how psychic abilities actually work, so let me explain a bit.

Psychics are not omniscient, all-powerful beings who can wave their magic wands and instantly create a perfect life for you or for themselves.

But a psychic can tune in to your spirit guides and find out what actions you would need to take in order to achieve your goals.

To use an analogy, a psychic cannot teleport you to the top of the mountain, but she can hand you a map that shows the easiest and quickest paths to get there.

She can also tell you what you need to have in your pack to handle the obstacles you would likely face on your climb up that mountain.

And she can help you determine if you’re climbing the mountain that will make you happiest.

But you are the one that still has to do the climbing.

Some people aren’t ready to do the work they need to do to reach the top of the mountain. That doesn’t mean the psychic is wrong or ineffective; we all climb at our own rates.

So if I tell a client how to transition from being an accountant to becoming an actress, she still has to put in the work, take the risk, and learn new skills.

If I tell a client that he’d be happier divorced than married, he may not be emotionally or financially ready to make the break.

If I tell a client they need to clean up their diet and start exercising if they want better health, they may not be ready to give up the ice cream.

But the information is useful to have when you ARE ready to start climbing.

A good psychic can shave years off of achieving your goals by handing you the map to the mountain so you can make sure your pack is full of everything you need to reach the top, and that you know where the obstacles are so you can avoid them.

And as to why psychics don’t have perfect lives? We struggle the exact same way as other people. Sometimes you know exactly what you need to do to get the results you want, but you are still procrastinating, or worried, or not financially ready. You lack courage or just the physical energy to get climbing.

But it DOES help to have a direct line to your guides so you can at least get that map to the mountain!

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